Hey all!
I’m a frequent visitor of this site and i am finally old enough to have my own account! I absolutely love this site, when I’m feeling horny, I just come here and read all the stuff and it get me hot.

So this is something I’ve discovered that sends me into an orgasm. If you own a vibrator then turn it on low at first. Then lay on your stomic and start fingering yourself while the vibrator is pushed up against your clit. Then when you feel yourself about to explode stop what your doing and take a few deep breaths and play with your nipples and suck on them if your able. Then once you feel you cant take it anymore, start fingering yourself with a come here motion and keep your vibrator pressed up against that pussy! It feels so amazing I’m getting horny just talking about it! Enjoy <3

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  1. Reply Howiwish0091 Oct 31,2011 8:07 am

    I’d love to lick your clit while you play with your vibrator 😉

  2. Reply becky69 Oct 24,2011 11:06 pm

    I have a vibrator with a clit tickler, and somtimes I turn it around so just my dildo is moving inside me, and I rub m clitoris sso hard and long. just saying… it works and feels amazing!

  3. Reply youngfuck Oct 21,2011 12:03 am

    well hello! 😉 this just really turned me on. you’re about my age and thats exactly how I masturbate with my vibrator. i’d love to try it with you some time 😉

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