Masturbation Story: The Shower Trap

masturbation storyWritten By: Otazel
Kevin got home that day from his run on the beach feeling hot, sweaty and tired, and in need of a shower. He called hello as he came through the door, expecting at least someone to be home. He had to be a little careful these days as Cassie and Paul, two of his parent’s closest friends, were staying while their own home was repaired after flood damage. His folks had a fairly easy going attitude to occasional family nudity, but he could hardly walk around naked if the others were home.

Nobody answered his call and he assumed that they must be in the yard enjoying the early evening breeze and the warm sunshine, for the door would hardly have been open if the house was empty. He intended to join them as soon as he had cleaned up, changed and found himself a beer. His mother didn’t approve of him drinking beer, but then she didn’t really approve of her little boy becoming an eighteen year old adult either.

He ran upstairs to his bedroom, shucked off his clothes, leaving them in an untidy heap on the floor and, shrugged a bathrobe around his shoulders just in case and headed for the shower.

It wasn’t until he opened the bathroom door that he realised that the shower was already occupied. A smooth shiny female back showed itself through the steam and frosted glass to tell him that he’d found at least one of them. He stood transfixed, staring at Cassie and wondering why she hadn’t locked the bathroom door as had been her usual habit while she stayed with them.

Without thinking he eased the door closed behind him and stood leaning on it, feeling his heart begin to race with nervous excitement, glad that the white towelling robe provided camouflage against the white bathroom door and allowed him to watch Cassie’s showering undiscovered. Her actions fascinated him, his eyes following avidly as she soaped herself, turning sideways to him as she did so and unknowingly letting him see her breasts, lifted, squeezed and rubbed by her soapy hands. Her hands ran along across her belly and down her thighs, along her arms and under them, everywhere, soaping and rubbing her skin, almost as if massaging herself. She was naked and he was nearly so, and the implications of that were making his cock begin to unfurl beneath his robe.

He shook himself mentally, telling himself to stop thinking along those lines – she was his mother’s friend for God’s sake. But she was turning beneath the flow, moving herself to let the stream of water pour all over her to sluice away the soap and showing him a clearer view of her breasts in the process. He stood, unable to take his eyes away as she turned again until she was three quarters facing him, her brown nipples and dark curly bush discernible through the glass.

He drew in a sudden breath as she soaped her hands and, parting her knees a little began to wash her pussy, reaching between her legs and rubbing at that most intimate part. Then, to his excited surprise, she reached up, unhooked the shower head and concentrated it between her legs to play the jet against her pussy, leaning one hand against the glass while the other directed the flow.

He watched, hardly daring to breathe while she played water onto herself for a disproportionately long time. Even when all the suds were gone and the water ran clear she still played the flow on herself, shifting her stance slightly to part her legs even further. Suddenly the light dawned and his heart jumped, she was masturbating in the shower while he watched, using the jet of water on her pussy to give herself a thrill.

His cock was standing erect, pushing against the towelling of his robe, forcing it into a peak to remind him of its presence and making his hand unthinkingly find its way under his robe to play, sliding gently along his length. He held his breath, wondering how far she would go, hoping that she would bring herself to orgasm as he watched, and at the same time feeling an excited guilt for spying on her very private moments.

She was waving the shower head a little, just enough to move the spray along her pussy, and Kevin could imagine it hitting first her clit and then spraying up inside her entrance. He gripped harder onto his shaft, trying fruitlessly to stop himself from wanking and only succeeding in slowing himself down, his eyes fixed on her pussy, mostly hidden by the angle and the water so that he could just about make out her labia and the slit between. Her pelvis was beginning to give little jerks as the jet of water did its job and her legs moved intermittently as if trying to obey opposing instincts to close or to spread. She was getting close to coming.

Then over the sound of the splashing water he heard her gasp, a sharp little noise born of pure pleasure, followed by another, and then another, louder this time. She was coming. He moved his hand along his shaft; his fingers wiping a drop of precum from the end before sliding back down towards the root. She was gasping loudly and continuously now, her legs jerking and her body shuddering before she let out one long cry and jammed the shower head up between her legs, pressing it onto her pussy so that water gushed up over her belly and streamed down her legs.

Suddenly it was over, and she dropped the showerhead, letting it spin and rotate about her ankles spraying water around her as she slumped forward, her head drooping between outstretched arms and both hands pressing against the transparent side of the cubicle with her breasts swaying beneath her. For a moment or so Kevin stared at her, unable to take in the fact that he had just witnessed a woman’s self induced orgasm, but then near panic set in and he realised he had to move and move quickly before she recovered enough to see him still standing spying on her. He swiftly opened the bathroom door just enough to let him slide through, pulling it closed behind him, desperately trying to prevent the latch from clicking, before scuttling back to his own room.

In the security of his bedroom he leaned back on the door much as he had in the bathroom, astounded by what he had just witnessed and horrified at his own arousal. It was a family friend, part of his brain reminded him, trying to cancel out that part which insisted that he had just seen an attractive older woman doing what most women did when they were alone and randy.

He looked down at his cock, hard and throbbing and still pushing against his robe, his hand automatically returning to it, wanting to finish the job he had begun in the bathroom. He let the bathrobe slip from his shoulders and walked unsteadily across to his bed, pushing the duvet to one side and lying back naked to enjoy what his mind described as a good wank.

Now he was free to fantasise a little, to let his mind and imagination fill in the gaps in what he had seen. As his hand slid back and forth along his shaft he imagined Cassie’s pussy, clearly seeing the puffy labia and hot wet slit that steam and her stance had only allowed him to make out vaguely through the frosted glass of the shower cubicle. His mind’s eye stared at her pussy, seeing the jet of shower water hitting and stimulating her clit, the little button hard and extended under its hood. He groaned quietly and his hand began to move more quickly, stimulating him just as the shower had done to her.

He was going to come a bucket he was sure, thrilled and appalled in equal measure to be wanking to thoughts and images of a married woman, a family friend who he had known as he grew up, and who was having to stay with them through no fault of her own. It was wrong, perverted, and so fucking exciting. His hand squeezed harder at his cock – and the bedroom door opened.

For a moment he froze, staring wide eyed at Cassie standing in the doorway wrapped in a towel, the skin of her shoulders still pink from the shower, and then he reacted, grabbing at the duvet and hauling it hastily across himself, hiding his nakedness and what he was doing, knowing that it was too late and that she had seen him wanking.

‘Don’t cover yourself, Kevin.’ She told him quietly. ‘You’ve seen me doing it; it’s only fair that I should see you.’

He felt himself go scarlet from the knowledge that he’d been caught spying, his mind not quick enough to wonder why she hadn’t stopped what she was doing when she had seen him.

‘Go on. Let me see you. Let me see what sort of a man the boy has grown into. Oh and don’t worry about anyone coming in, they’re all at the tennis club.’ She smiled conspiratorially. ‘I cried off with an upset tummy. So you can wank for me as much as you like.’

He couldn’t move. Even if he had wanted to he couldn’t have moved a muscle to do as she asked. He just lay and stared at her, shocked and ashamed that she had known.

‘You’re not embarrassed that you saw me, are you? Because I’m not. It made things hotter for me to know you were watching.’

He didn’t know what to say and just lay staring mutely up at her

‘Do you want to see me again?’ She asked, giggling girlishly down at him. ‘Is it you show me yours and I’ll show you mine?’

She plucked at the edge of the towel, pulling it free and letting it fall to the floor. She was still naked underneath.

‘There. Now no man has seen me like this apart from Paul. Will that help you? Can you bring yourself off now that you can look at me again?’

He stared at her, his eyes going from the dark brown fuzz of her pubes to the paler brown of her engorged nipples, excited by what he could see but too shy to do as she asked.

‘Let me help you then.’

She walked across, smiling, her full beasts swaying gently, and leaned over to fasten her hands around the edge of the duvet. He knew what she was going to do, the scenario was playing out inside his head, but he was too slow to react, too late to stop her as she swiftly pulled the duvet away and threw it to one side, leaving him naked before her. His hands flew to cover his softening cock even as she sat down on the bed beside him.

‘Don’t cover him.’ She rebuked him softly. ‘Let me see you come.’

She reached out and gently lifted his hands away one at a time, telling him as she did so. ‘Do you know, I’ve never seen a man shoot his load? When I touch Paul it’s always before he puts it inside me, so I never get to see it happen.’

Her cool fingers closed around his semi erect shaft and he licked dry lips, unable to move and resigned to the electrifying inevitable.

‘I’ll never persuade him to show me now, so I want to see what you can do. I want to see you come.’

Her fingers began to play with him, fondling him, trying to make him hard again. He couldn’t help himself, he could feel himself lengthening, hardening again, the gentle movement of her naked breasts holding his gaze as her fingers moved along him.

‘Looks like you’re ready.’ She observed as his cock twitched to a full erection, shuffling herself around to a more comfortable and convenient position.

Her hand on his cock felt so cool and tender that he couldn’t suppress a little sigh of pleasure. Slowly and gently at first she began to run her hand up and down his shaft, gazing at it with rapt attention as she did so, almost as if she’d never seen a man’s erection before.

‘I hope it feels as good to you as it looks to me.’

She bent a little closer as if to be nearer her target, a close inspection that was so highly erotic that his cock became rock hard, almost painfully hard, under her attention.

‘I need to see you shoot your load. I’ve never seen it and I want to see you come all over the place.’

She kept her eyes on his cock as she spoke, as if she were talking directly to it, her face so close that he felt the slight movement of air from her breath across the tip.

For a few minutes she carried on just playing with his cock, but then, as if the compulsion was too great, she leaned forward and took his cock into her mouth, sucking and licking the head with long swirling strokes of her tongue. Kevin groaned with pleasure, the sound making her raise her head to look at him.

‘Don’t come in my mouth. Promise me you won’t come in my mouth.’

He nodded silently, still unable to speak, swept along by what was happening to him but still uncomfortable with it at the same time.

‘No, I mean it Kevin; warn me if you need to come because I really, really want to see you shoot your load.’

She sounded so solemn that he nodded again, confirming his promise and meaning it.

Happier now she lowered her mouth back onto his cock and slid her fingers under his balls, lifting his sac and rolling them in the palm of her hand as she stroked his perineum with one fingertip. He closed his eyes, groaning again from the pleasure, his eyelids shooting open momentarily when her fingertip found his anus and played at the entrance, tiptoeing round and round as if probing for access. Then, with her head bobbing up and down his shaft at the same time it wasn’t long before he felt the old familiar heat begin to build behind his balls.

‘It won’t be long.’

He gave her the promised early warning, but she just nodded without lifting away and continued to play. His balls began to tighten and the heat became a fire.

‘I’m going to come soon, very soon.’ He warned her again anxiously.

She lowered her mouth right down his shaft, spreading saliva with her tongue before finally raising her mouth away and taking his shaft back into her hand. Now she began to wank him in earnest, her fingers using the saliva as a lubricant to grip and slide up and down his shaft, turning the fire into a volcano, no longer dormant, but expanding and reddening and ready to erupt.

‘I’m coming.’ His voice came as an anxious gasp.

‘Do it, Kevin, shoot your load. Shoot your load for me, let me see you come.’

‘Yes, it’s coming. It’s coming now.’

It was. As her hand kept up its frantic rhythm on his cock he felt his cum start to boil up, to build in pressure until, with an involuntary jerk of his hips, he came, shooting great warm creamy globs of spunk across his stomach. The first spurt was the most powerful, but as Cassie pumped at his cock many more great spurts shot from his cock, at first arcing through the air to rain down on his skin but then, as his climax eventually slowly died away, to just boil out of the tip and slide in shiny, slippery rivulet’s over her fingers and into his pubic nest.

All this time he was arching his back and gripping at the bed sheet until his knuckles showed white, his eyes squeezed into narrow slits through which he saw Cassie gazing in wonder at his ejaculation.

Then, as his climax subsided, he slumped back onto the bed, gasping for breath and with is mind now fighting between the delight and guilt that he felt in equal proportions. He tried his best to smile at her as she reluctantly released his extremely slimy and rapidly softening cock. She looked at her slippery hand and at his cum spattered belly before taking her fingers into her mouth and licking away his cream.

‘So the boy really has become a man.’ She told him, smiling happily. ‘It was wonderful to see that.’

He nodded, puzzled by her tone. ‘Thank you.’

‘But then that could be very handy while we’re living under the same roof, don’t you think? I mean, there are bound to be other times when we’re alone in the house together, aren’t there?’

‘I suppose so.’ He answered, unsure whether to be excited or horrified by what he suspected she meant.

‘I’m glad, and I thought you’d understand.’ She replied. ‘That’s why I decided to have a shower when I did.’

She glanced meaningfully down at his belly. ‘Now I think maybe you should go for that shower you were wanting.’

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