Masturbation Resources: IFeelMyself.Com

IfeelMyself.comSome of you maybe aware that I recently teamed up with this website and they have graciously allowed me to show you some of their content via Clitical’s own Masturbation Galleries. I’m really fussy when it comes to who I partner with and it’s been a long time since I found a site that is very much adult but also very much sex positive. As the sites name suggests this is a site that deals with one of our favorite topics here at clitical: female masturbation but it’s not your average porn site by any means!

Take a look around IFeelMyself.Com and you will discover a brand new world of tasteful, user submitted female masturbation and all in high quality video format. There are literally hundreds of quality videos to be found here and in many different genres. Whether you are looking for the girl next door or a glimpse into someones bedroom you are sure to find something to delight. Add to that the wonderful search facilities and it’s easy to find something to tickle your fancy or help you pleasure yourself.

While is a pay site you have to know in my opinion its worth every penny or it would not have made it partner status here at Clitical.

Take a look for yourself by clicking HERE.