Masturbation Month: 31 Ways To Celebrate National Masturbation Month

Female-Masturbation-techniquesJust in case you need any help this month we give you 31 ways to masturbate this month.
  1. Let your fingers do the walking! Put away your toys today and spend some time exploring our body with nothing more than your fingers.

  2. Pick up an extra toothbrush, according to our visitor submitted techniques electric toothbrush are more fun when used on your clit. Why not give it a try today!
  3. Veggies are good for you everyone knows that but next time you visit the local farmers market or grocery store, take a closer look and discover the possibilities they offer as sex toys. Simply wash your chosen veggie well, add a condom and play away!

  4. Share the experience: If you have a partner share your favorite masturbation technique with them. Click HERE for some guidelines to get you started.


  5. Test drive a new toy today: Never tried a vibe? there’s no time like the present and we suggest you start with something simple like the Pocket Rocket or the Blueberry Breeze Smoothie Vibe.

  6. Mirror, mirror on the wall: Stand in front of that full size mirror naked and admire your wonderfully, sexy, naked body today.

  7. Speed things up: Next time you find yourself stuck in traffic, try some self loving, it will relieve the stress and liven up an otherwise dull trip. NB: Driving whilst masturbating is not a very good idea!

  8. Name that vulva: It’s yours and yours alone and you love it, so why not give it a special name today?

  9. Cold fusion: Add some ice cubes into your solo play today. Try rubbing them over your naked body and then use your imagination….

  10. Go Public: We’re not suggesting you get arrested here, just try going to the park this lunch hour and finding a quiet spot where you can enjoy some time to yourself.

  11. Make a Splash: take some time out to explore that shower head or to be more exact let it explore your body today.

  12. Pillow love: pillows are for more than your head. With the application of a little bit of imagination you can find plenty of uses for them. For example place a vibe between two pillows and hump away for hands free fun in the bed.
  13. Mardi Gras: Remember those Mardi Gras beads? Go grab them and have a fiesta of your own today. Clean well, lube well and use your imagination!
  14. Make a movie: Grab that camcorder and record yourself having fun all by yourself. Ps: don’t forget to erase the tape or hide it well after you’ve finished!
  15.  Mind over matter: When it comes to sex your mind is as important as your genitals. Try stimulating it with a sexy book, erotic movie or anything else that takes your fancy.
  16. Fun in the kitchen: Food and sex go hand in hand so why not explore the contents of your fridge and find a new use for that over sized salami or whatever else you may find lurking.
  17. Cyber me: Mutual masturbation without the strings can be achieved through cyber sex. Try it you might like it!
  18. Start a masturbation diary: As you try new ideas and techniques try jotting them down in your very secret but fun diary.
  19. I touch myself: Your skin is your bodies largest organ, so why not spend some time getting to know it better? Run your fingers over your entire body and feel the tingle…
  20. Leave your panties On: Rather than stripping naked next time you practice the art of self loving, why not leave your panties on? It can add a whole new dimension to the experience.
  21. Chair woman: Take one chair and sit on it’s edge, now masturbate using your usual technique for a wantonly different experience.
  22. Banish wash day blues: Washing machines are not just for clothes. Try sitting on the edge of the machine when it’s on high spin and it will likely bring a smile to your face.
  23. Doggy style: Lie on your stomach with a pillow under your hips next time you masturbate. Trying different positions can definitely add to the fun.
  24. Love thy Jacuzzi: Even if you don’t own a Jacuzzi, don’t despair most large towns have a spa bath where they allow you to rent one by the hour. Book yourself an appointment and enjoy a special treat.
  25. Standing room only: Try standing when you masturbate, you might want to lean against a wall because orgasms achieved this way can be intense.
  26. Practice makes perfect: Practice your kegels everyday and you will improve your love life whether with a partner or solo. Not sure what I’m talking about, try reading THIS.
  27. Anal play: Try exploring this often forgotten but nerve packed area of your body today. There are a variety of toys designed for this type of play but it’s okay to explore with your fingers first.
  28. Tickled pink: If you think dusters are just for dust think again. Try running a new feather dust over your naked body and you’ll see what I mean.

  29. Wait for it: All good things cum to those who wait and by bringing yourself to the brink of orgasm and easing off before restarting masturbation you can enhance your orgasm.
  30. Shower power: Why not try and combine masturbation into your showering routine today because we all know water can add something new. Grab yourself a waterproof vibe like the Butterfly Kiss Vibe and have some fun.
  31.  There’s no time like the present! Don’t just sit there go and celebrate, right now!I hope that some of the above will inspire you to take matters into your own hands and help with your celebrations this month.
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