Masturbation Month: 31 Reasons To Masturbate

Masturbation Month ReasonsJust in case you need any help remembering why masturbating is good for we offer you one for each day of the month of May!

1: Everybody else is doing it.
2: It helps you become more comfortable with your body.
3: You will get a better idea of what pleases you, something you can share with a lover later.
4: You won’t be as irritable at work or school.
5: You can develop control and staying power in a low-stress situation.
6: You can discover that many areas of your body are sensitive and excitable other than your genitals
7: You feel the need to tap off excess fluid on occasion to keep your body running at optimal efficiency.
8: You have always wanted to create a world record so you need to practice.
9: Look at this body! Who wouldn’t want to touch it?
10: It’s safe sex, as long as you watch your aim.

11: You can’t sleep.
12: You just wanted to make sure everything was still in good working order.
13: Because every time you do, an angel spasms.
14: Exercises the wrist and reduces the chance for carpal tunnel syndrome.
15: It’s really, really difficult to get pregnant when you’re the only one there.
16: Even if you do have company, it’s not easy to get pregnant if your careful.
17: You can stay a virgin for years without getting twitchy.
18: It helps to maintain good pelvic blood flow and strong PC muscles.
19: It reduces menstrual cramps.
20: It stimulates your creativity and enriches your fantasy life.
21: You’re asserting your independence!
22: You don’t have to depend on anyone but yourself for your orgasms.
23: You can get it anytime you want.
24: You can do anything you want without having to explain it to a bewildered partner.
25: You’re helping to establish the philosophy that sex is good in, by, and for itself; and that there is nothing whatever wrong about experiencing it as a fine thing in its own right.
26: It’s cheaper than Zoloft and the side effects are better.
27: The love of your life is currently unavailable
28: It releases endorphins into the bloodstreams, and that’s good for you.
29: Reduces the need to ask for sex during times when it might be inconvenient or unwanted, like when your piloting you new jet aircraft.
30: It keeps you from hitting all the people who really need hitting.
31: Because you always call the next day.

If you can think of any more please let us know we would love to hear from you!

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