Home Made Coconut Oil Lubricant Tutorial

This tutorial was written by long time Clitical supporter and visitor, Dadof5.

Many out there are now discovering the joys of coconut oil in the bedroom, but like all other food grade oils, there is an issue regarding cross contamination and shelf life. I found a solution to this problem in a simple Jello mold.

The problem that many find to be a challenge is how to keep body fluids or other contaminants from coming into contact with the oil. If you have been involved with some foreplay and then reach for the jar of oil, you could easily be transferring unwanted contaminants to your supply. This could become evident when you discover that a fairly new jar of coconut oil had some unexpected black spots in it or smells unusual. If you are also using the same jar of oil for food preparation, it could lead to sickness.
An easy solution to this is a Jello mold. Various molds are available through Ebay and Amazon, and I found the best for such uses to be an Easter jelly bean mold.
coconut oilPartially empty mold with oil poured into upper sockets.

The procedure is this: You simply clean the mold, pour melted coconut oil into the sockets, place it into the fridge to set up, pop out the individual beans, and put them in a clean container to store in a cool place.
Cocnut Oil LubePlacing mold into fridge. (Notice not all sockets were filled…. You can figure out how much supply you need and only fill in that amount.)
making coconut oil lubeSolidified beans with container to be refilled.

Coconut oil homemade lube
Removing the beans. You can more easily do this if you place the bottom of the mold in warm water to lightly melt the portion touching the mold. Be careful not to get the water on the beans because it could potentially contaminate them.

coconut oil lube beanA bean after it is removed. This size is approximately 1 to 2 teaspoons depending on how full you fill the sockets.

homemade coconut oil lubeA supply of beans ready for use!

Having the beans in this form, you can easily keep them in your refrigerator and they will keep for a very long time. For cooking, you can grab however many you may need for frying, popcorn, or any number of other uses. If you want to use them for skin care, you just grab however many you need, hold them in your hands, and they will quickly melt and can be spread on the area desired.
We have found a particularly fun use for them. Instead of ice cubes, freeze the beans and then use them on sensitive areas such as nipples. We have also found that by inserting one or two in my partner’s vagina before intercourse gives her an interesting sensation (which she enjoys) and provides for an instant lubrication that keeps growing until the last are melted. I have also been able to feel the beans moving around inside with my penis which also give an exciting sensation and adds to the passion level.

Some may be concerned about the insertion of these into the vagina, but it is no different than using coconut oil otherwise as a lubricant. Some research has even pointed to the belief that the oil’s anti-fungal and bacterial properties helps to ward off yeast infections. Our own experience is that she has never had any yeast infections since starting its use, even though she has been somewhat prone to them in the past.

The after effect of its use is that the skin of our groin areas are extremely soft and supple. It also seems to help to keep semen from sticking as much to the skin, resulting is faster and easier cleanup. I would warn, however, that the oil will get on covers and such as the excess leaks out. If left to cool, it will turn a whitish color on the cloth. We have not found it to stain, however. If the residue does get on something, cleanup with soap and hot water works best. We have also found it to work well with toys (silicone and other types) and it keeps its lubricating properties for a relatively long time. It is said to not be safe for latex, so if you wish to try it please make sure to test it first before taking any risks. We have used it successfully with non latex condoms. We have not experimented with it anally.

This has become a fun and useful addition to our bedroom and has become a great tool in other areas of the house. There are multiple skin and health uses besides sexual lubrication, so a container of these beans in the refrigerator could be just as commonplace as a bottle of olive oil.

Please feel free to comment if you find any new and interesting ways to use them.

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