Friday Flash Fiction: Three Minutes

Flash Fiction EroticaCan you believe it’s Friday already! As I’m sure you already know I love my flash fiction and today I offer you this piece written with these guidelines:
Key Phrase – When the fog lifted/settled (choose one)
Word Limit – 204
Forbidden Words – apocalypse, Max, Burning, stench
Bonus Words – Tell us what’s under the tarp
Extra Credit – 50 words extra if you strangest outfit you have ever worn, or wanted to wear during an orgasm

Below is my story: Three Minutes.

They heard the sounds, the sound of sirens that herald the beginning of the end.

Quick! They had to be quick. They only had three minutes. Three minutes for pleasure. Pleasure that they’ll never experience again

Soon bodies are naked, entwined, touching, hurried. No time for foreplay. Quick. They have to finish if it’s the last thing they do. No time to waste.

Thirty seconds left two become one as he enters her. Hard thrusts she felt, his urgency so clear.

Twenty seconds later they explode into a cloud of atoms that are now spread across the universe. No longer people, simply atoms. Endlessly floating, each looking, each searching for the other.

When the fog lifted from the planet, all that was left of the human race where the happy souls who’d spent their last few seconds in pleasure. Now they found each other and joined once more to become one, and complete the cycle of life. This time there were no sirens, no sense of urgency as once more he entered her. This time was quiet and beautiful as they created peace where once there was chaos.

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