Female Masturbation Gallery: Robyn 2

Robyn shows us how much fun shower masturbation can be!

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2 thoughts on “Female Masturbation Gallery: Robyn

  1. Reply Sebastian Jan 19,2014 9:57 am

    I absolutely love it to watch a woman masturbating. It is something very sensual to look at a woman when she explores her body.

    I wish all women were as open as you are about your sexuality and would accept the fact that they have the same right to experience great sex as men have.

    For me, telling a woman that she is a slut is not an insult, it is a compliment.

  2. Reply Will Aug 15,2014 7:14 pm

    Sebastian, as one of the few guys who (openly) says he’s a guy on this site, I agree.

    Whenever I see a girl in really hot clothes, or notice otherwise fantastically erection-inducing stuff, I want to tell her she’s a slut. I mean this in the best possible way, like Camille Paglia’s “sexual conqueror,” but they of course wouldn’t be as flattered as I wish they would.

    The world would benefit from everyone being less sexually repressed, especially women.

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