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Vulva female AnatomyDescription: The vulva is the term that refers to all of the woman’s externally visible genitalia. Many people commonly make the mistake of referring to the vulva as the vagina, but the vagina is actually just the internal canal. Everything you can see from the outside is referred to as the vulva.
Vulvas vary in appearance from one lady to the next. No two are exactly alike. Joanie Blank has a book out called ‘Femalia’ that showcases the variety in vulva appearance. It contains close up shots of many different vulvas, so you can get an idea of how they vary and can learn to appreciate their uniqueness.

What do you need to know about it?

· Grab a hand mirror, get naked, get comfortable, and examine your vulva up close and personal. Locate all of your important parts. You wouldn’t believe how many women have never engaged in self-exploration. There are many reasons you should do so. First, it helps if you can locate, identify, and name all your body parts when you go see your doctor. This may be a bit uncomfortable for you, but it is definitely less embarrassing than trying to explain to your doctor that your “kitty” hurts, and it’s definitely more effective than telling the doctor that you hurt “down there”. It’s also good to know what your vulva looks like in its healthy state, so you can identify problems if things don’t look quite right. Another major benefit of self-exploration is becoming familiar with your body, what makes it feel good, and what leads you to orgasm. This will lead to better sex.

· Ladies, you wouldn’t believe the number of guys who have never examined a woman up close and personal. No wonder most of us are not great lovers. One of the best things you can do for your guy is to let him examine your body. Guys like to know what things looks like and how they work. We are naturally curious that way. If you are shy about letting him explore your naked body, then make the room as dark as possible, lay back and get very comfortable, and then give your man a flashlight. The flashlight will let him see your body in parts instead of as a whole. This may make you feel more at ease.

Letting your man explore your body is a terrific idea because it lets him learn more about it and become more familiar with it. In the long run, it is sure to make your physical relationship
so much better. If you are brave, let him do it with the lights on. If you are REALLY brave, let him buy a speculum from the local adult toy shop (or he can order one online) and let him explore your insides!


· Guys, don’t touch her vulva right away. Be sure to engage in lots of teasing, taunting, and tantalizing, first.


· As a general rule, the areas of the vulva that are hairless seem to be more sensitive than the areas covered by hair.
· 1/3 of American women think their vulvas are unattractive.

How do you stimulate it?

· Vulva Exploration Clock Technique: Imagine that her vulva is a clock. (Her externally visible genitalia is called the vulva. The vagina actually refers only to the canal which is not actually visible from the outside – except the opening.) Anyway, imagine her vulva is a clock. At 12:00, there’s the clitoris. At 6:00, her vaginal opening. This technique helps you explore the entire vulva with your tongue – not just the clit. Start at the 12:00 position with your tongue. Now go in a clockwise direction and focus for a while on each “time” period until you get back to 12:00. You may find other areas of the vulva besides just the 12:00 and 6:00 positions that give her tremendous pleasure. This is a great technique because too many of us tend to focus on just the clitoris and the vaginal opening. There is so much more real estate to explore. This technique will help you do just that. Happy hunting!

· Ice Cream Lick Technique: Lick her vulva (The vulva is all of her externally visible genitalia.) with a slow, upward, elongated lick like you would lick an ice cream cone. Make your tongue as wide as possible and lick from the bottom to the top with long, broad strokes. Depending on how adventurous you are, you can start your stroke at either the bottom of her vaginal lips, below her vaginal opening at the perineum (the perineum is the area between her vaginal opening and her anus), or just below her anus. Now lick from your starting point, and go all the way up the whole vulva. If you choose to include the anus, then start your stroke just below her anus with the tip of your tongue. When you get to the perineum, start to widen your tongue and when you get to her vulva, your tongue should be almost flat and cover as much of her vulva as possible. Don’t you wish Baskin Robbins served that flavor?

· Doggy Dig Technique: For this technique, you will be using both of your hands on her vulva. Start by lubing the palm of each hand. Now sit off to her side facing her feet. Extend the fingers of both hands. Now place the bottom (the part nearest the wrist) of one of your palms against her vaginal opening. Now, pull upward, rubbing against her clit as you do so. As the fingers of the first hand reach the vaginal opening, place the bottom of the palm of the second hand against the vaginal opening and perform the same motion as before. When the fingers of the second hand reach the vaginal opening, repeat the whole process with the first hand again. You should be able to do this in a continuous motion. It resembles a dog burying a bone. That’s where the name comes from.

· Greasy Palm Technique: For this technique, you will be using the palm of one of your hands against her vulva (The vulva refers to all of her externally visible genitalia). So begin by lubing up one of your palms. Now sit beside her or behind her. Place your hand against her so that your hand covers her entire vulva. Don’t cup your hand. Place it flat against her vulva, allowing your hand to contour to her shape. Now apply a bit of pressure with your hand and move it up and down and back and forth, always staying flat against the vulva and allowing your hand to contour to her shape. This will stimulate her entire vulva at once. You can also try placing a finger or two from your hand inside her while you do this.

· Triple Digit Technique: Use your three longest fingers. Spread them apart. Glide them up and down her vulva with your middle finger running down the middle of her slit and the other two fingers running along the place where herlips meet her thigh.

· Buff Her Stuff Technique: For this one, you need a long silky scarf and a short silky scarf. If you don’t already have these around the house, you can go to a fabric store and purchase them. Have your lady stand up. Using the short, silky scarf, blindfold her. Now stand at the side of your lady, facing her. Take the long, silky scarf and allow it to drape over her body. Run it across her breasts, her neck, her midsection, her legs, and her face. After a few minutes, place the scarf in between your lady’s legs. Hold one end out in front of her and one end behind her. Basically, she will be straddling the scarf. Raise both ends of the scarf up so that it barely touches her vagina and clitoris. Now, glide the scarf back and forth across her vulva with long, smooth strokes, like you are “buffing” her intimate parts.

· Lubed Arm Technique: While kissing her or stimulating her breasts with your mouth, place some lube on your forearm, closest to her vagina. Now make a fist and place you fist firmly against the bed right in front of her vagina so that your forearm is right against her vagina in a vertical fashion. Now she can grind her vulva up against your arm while you are kissing her or stimulating her breasts.

Common Terms and Slang References:[Can refer to both vulva and vagina]

twat; slit; pussy; trim; quim; cooter; beaver; love rug; snatch; pooter; poontang; coochie; shag carpet; vertical bacon sandwich; pink taco; bearded clam; cotton candy; cookie; cooleyhopper;
sweet lusciousness; furry burger; fuzzy taco; honey pot; twitchet; front bum; cootchie, vertical smile; magic muscle; cum-hole; cock-pit; passion pit; open wound; garage; love pouch; hot box;
seething gash; porcupine; noony; nanny; snapper; red snapper; whisker box; temple of delight, whisker biscuit; hair pie; fishtaco; moist oyster; fun hole; magic grail; magic monkey; pink tortelini; artichoke; bald taco; camel toe;

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