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MonsWhat is its purpose?

The mons cushions the pubic bone from the impact of intercourse and can be sexually sensitive in some women. It is believed that the purpose of pubic hair on the mons is to trap the scents released by the secretions in the pubic region. These secretions serve as an erotic stimulus to the opposite sex.
Where do you find it?
The mons is located below the abdomen, but above the vulva.

This is the area of fatty tissue that covers the pubic bone and is generally covered with pubic hair (unless she has shaved it).

What do you need to know about it?

· Stray Hair Tip: If you’re worried about stray pubic hairs in your mouth during oral sex, do a stroking move with your hand through her pubic hair. This is not only a caressing move, but you are also grooming her and removing loose hairs at the same time.

· 33% of men & 50% of women have shaved their pubic hair for a sexual reason.

How do you stimulate it?
· Mons Stimulation Ideas: You can stimulate the mons in many ways. Try gently tugging on her hair, try lightly scratching the skin of the mons, try tapping on the mons, and try rubbing it. Try using your wrist to tease her pubic hair. These ideas aren’t likely to induce any earth-shaking orgasms, but it orgasms, but it may feel nice to your lady. Try it and see!

· A Hair Raising Experience Technique: For this one, rest your hand on her body and grab a handful of pubic hair. Now, holding her hair, move your hand up, down, back, and forth. You can raise the intensity of this one until you are actually rocking her back and forth. You may try this while your tongue is on her clitoris. Rock her back and forth so that your tongue brushes up and down her clit. This technique may be a bit painful for some people, so be careful, be sensitive, be gentle, and be aware of the fact that she may not enjoy it. It should maybe be saved for those times when your lady is already very aroused and looking for something a little on the rough side.

Common Terms and Slang References: mons; mons veneris; mons pubis; pleasure mound; cleft of venus; camel toe;

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