Female Anatomy: The Labia Majora – Or Outer Lips

Libia MajoraWhat is their purpose?
The labia majora enclose and protect the other external reproductive organs.

Where do you find them?
The labia majora start near the bottom of the mons and run downward to the top of her perineum (the area between her anus and vaginal opening).

The labia majora are the fat, fleshy outer-most lips of the vulva, sometimes just simply referred to as the outer lips. The outer lips can be more or less pronounced in different ladies and they are usually covered in pubic hair (after puberty if the lady hasn’t shaved).

What do you need to know about them?
· They are sensitive to touch and they contain several oil and sweat glands that can produce a scent that many find sexually arousing.

· They are comparable to the scrotum in males.

How do you stimulate them?

· Outer Labia Stroking Technique: Have your lady lie down on her back with her legs open for you. Now, using your lubed thumb and forefinger, pinch her outer labia together and stroke them up and down.

· Tour de Labia Technique: Using the lubed tip of your index finger, trace around your lady’s inner and outer labia. Keep your finger moving.

· Paintbrush Technique: Use a camel hair paintbrush, available at any art store, and brush it all over your lady’s body. Be sure to brush it against her inner thighs, nipples, clitoris, and her vaginal lips. This one works well if you blindfold her first, so she doesn’t know what to expect and where you plan to touch her next.

Common Terms and Slang References: [Can Refer To Both Libia Minora and Majora]
axe marks; bacon flaps; badly packed kebab; beef curtains; beef flaps; bologna draperies; bulldog; burnt ends; camel lips; captain blackbeards musket; cunt lips; double doors; fanny flaps; fanny lip; fish flaps; meat curtains; meat flaps; meat hooks; mud flaps; petals; piss clam; piss curtains; piss fenders; piss flaps; pork shutters; pussy lips; roast beef sandwich; skeazy squeege; sweet meat; taco; veal drapes; vertical bacon sandwich; vertical lips;vertical smile;

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