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clitoris Female AntatomyWhat is its purpose?
The clitoris is the only organ in the human body that has no other known purpose other than producing sexual pleasure.

Where do you find it?
You can find the clitoris at the 12:00 position of the vulva. It’s located near the top of the vulva and may be hidden under the labia and/or clitoral hood.

The head of the clitoris, or clitoral glans, is the small pea-sized bud of smooth, spongy, erectile tissue located at the top of the labia minora. It is covered, either partially or completely, by the clitoral hood, a flap of skin that looks like a hood over a little head. The clitoral hood protects the highly sensitive glans. During sexual arousal, the head of the clitoris may become erect and extend while the clitoral hood may retract to make the clitoral glans more accessible.

But, the visible head of the clitoris is just the tip of the iceberg. When someone uses the phrase “the tip of the iceberg”, it refers to the fact that as much as seven-eighths of the iceberg’s mass is under water, leaving only a small portion exposed. The clitoris is very much like an iceberg in that only the small glans is visible to us, but it actually extends into the body. The entire clitoris resembles a four-inch wishbone. It extends from the external and visible pea-sized tip, up the shaft and into the body. The legs of the clitoris inside the body split off like those of a wishbone onto either side of the vaginal walls.

The average clitoral glans is about one-quarter of an inch in diameter and the body of the clitoris is about three-quarters of an inch in length. However, the visible portion of the clitoris of some girls and women can measure up to about 2 1/2 inches in length and nearly 1 inch in diameter. When they are of this size, they look similar to a small penis. In fact, the penis and clitoris are made up of the same tissues and develop from the same fetal structure. So, they vary in size, from woman to woman, much like women’s breasts or a man’s penis.

What do you need to know about it?


· Grab a hand mirror and locate your clitoris. Now locate your clitoral shaft. It’s rigid and it extends from your clitoral glans (or head) up into your body. Did you even know you had one of those?

· The dimensions of your clitoris have nothing to do with its capacity to produce pleasure.

· You should wait until she’s warmed up a bit before going for the clitoris, in most cases. Touching the clitoris too early can also be irritating for many women.

· How would you feel if your partner never touched your penis except by accident during sex? If it happened over and over again and you never had orgasms, how would that make you feel? Would you become angry, bitter, and dissatisfied? Would you start to resent having sex with that partner? Many guys are clueless about the clitoris, where to find it, what it’s for, and how to stimulate it. This has to change.

· While the clitoris is very important, don’t focus entirely on this pleasure button, there is more to a woman that the clitoris, explore the rest of her body as well.

· It can be irritating to touch the clitoris with a dry finger, so make sure it’s lubed when you touch her there.

· The clitoris is packed with 8000 nerve endings – more so than any other body part, male or female.

· This is the area of the vulva that is most sensitive to sexual stimulation. Be sure you become very familiar with it.

· Stop thinking of the clitoris like a pea-sized nub. It’s not like some little fire button that you press to launch orgasms. The clitoris is made up of three main components:a head, a shaft, and a base, with over 18 individual parts, both hidden and visible, all of which play a role in the production of pleasure. It’s a whole sophisticated network of erectile tissue, spongy tissue, muscles, nerve endings, blood vessels, and glands.

How do you stimulate it?

· Buffer Technique: This is a good one for the ladies who have an extra sensitive clitoris and can’t stand direct clitoral stimulation. Gently push and pull on the clitoral hood and labia rather than stimulating the clitoris directly. Using the hood and lips as a buffer can provide pleasing stimulation

· Clitoral Sensitivity Tip: Some experts claim that the most sensitive part of the clitoral glans is the upper-left quadrant (from her perspective). From your perspective, that would be the upper-right quadrant from the 12:00 position to the 3:00 position (on our imaginary clitoral clock). Try touching her or licking her there.

· Another Clitoral Sensitivity Tip: Did you know that sometimes women are more sensitive on one side of their clitoris than the other? Well, now you do. Let’s find out if this holds true for your lady, and if so, which side is her more sensitive side. When your lady is ready for clitoral stimulation, lick up and down the left side of the clitoris. Do this for 30 seconds or so and then lick up and down the right side. Ask her which side, if any, is more sensitive. Once you find out, though, be careful.

· Expose the Clitoris Trick: This is a handy trick to easily expose the clitoris for better direct stimulation. Place the heel of your palm on hers mons (the pubic mound where most of her pubic hair is located) and push up towards her belly button. This will stretch the clitoral hood and expose her clitoris for oral or manual stimulation.

· Orgasm Fact: Only 30% of women orgasm without direct clitoral stimulation, so become very familiar with the clitoris.

· Clitoral Shaft Stroking Technique: A little known fact about the clitoris is that it has a shaft and extends a few inches into the body. I want you to view the head of the clitoris like the head of a tiny penis. If you do that, then you will know right where to find the shaft of the clitoris. Take the shaft in between your lubed index finger and thumb and GENTLY stroke it up and down like you are stroking the shaft of a little penis. (Note: We are only viewing it as a penis so you know where to find the shaft. The clitoris is NOT a penis, so please be gentle and don’t treat it like one.)

· Clitoral Circles Technique: Run little circles around her clitoral glans with your lubed index finger. Be sure to go in both directions.

· Knuckle Rocker Technique: For this technique, take your dominant hand and make a vertical fist (with your thumb facing up). The second knuckle of each of your fingers (the same knuckles you use to knock on a door) will now be lined up. Make sure your knuckles are lubed and then move your knuckles up and down over her clitoral glans by rocking your wrist back and forth vertically.

· Butterfly Flutter Technique: For this technique, extend the lubed index finger of your dominant hand. Now, lightly flick just the tip of it back and forth either vertically or horizontally over her clitoral glans. Flick it really fast like a very quick butterfly flapping it’s wings.

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