Female Anatomy: Labia Minora- Or Inner Lips

labia minoraWhat is their purpose?
The purpose of your inner labia is to keep bacteria away from your urethral and vaginal openings and protect the vagina, the urethra, and the clitoris.

Where do you find them?
The labia minora are the inner lips- two thin stretches of tissue that lie to the inside of the labia majora, or outer lips.

The appearance of the inner lips can vary greatly from vulva to vulva. They range from tiny, thin lips that lie within the outer lips and are barely visible to large lips that protrude. At the top, they attach either to the bottom of the clitoral glans itself or to the clitoral hood on either side of the glans. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are thick, some are thin. Some are large, some are small. Some look like butterfly wings, angel wings, or the petals of a flower. Some are symmetrical and some are not. All of them are hairless and pretty sensitive to touch for most women. When a lady becomes sexually aroused, the inner lips fill with blood, becoming plump, and their color will change to deeper hues of red, purple, or brown, due to the increased flow of blood.

How do you stimulate them?

· Indirect Stimulation Tip: For many ladies, when you stimulate her inner lips, you are also indirectly stimulating her clitoris, as they are usually connected.

· Inner Labia Massage Technique: Take one of your lady’s inner lips between your lubed thumb and forefinger. Massage the lip by rubbing your finger and thumb together through her lip. Massage up and down each of her inner lips.

· Tap Dancing Technique: Try tapping your fingers on your lady’s vaginal lips and clitoris. Be sure to try our different levels of pressure to see which she prefers.

Common Terms and Slang References: [Can Refer To Both Libia Minora and Majora]
axe marks; bacon flaps; badly packed kebab; beef curtains; beef flaps; bologna draperies; bulldog; burnt ends; camel lips; captain blackbeards musket; cunt lips; double doors; fanny flaps; fanny lip; fish flaps; meat curtains; meat flaps; meat hooks; mud flaps;petals;piss clam; piss curtains; piss fenders; piss flaps; pork shutters; pussy lips; roast beef sandwich; skeazy squeege; sweet meat; taco; veal drapes; vertical bacon sandwich; vertical lips;vertical smile;

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