Erotic Story: Wishful

Bathtub MasturbationWritten By: J Leigh

“Talk to you later sweetheart.” I hang up the phone with a soft sigh. Plans thwarted again, I walk the short distance to my bed. Turning my back towards it, I fall back and land across the middle with my arms just hanging over the other side. My short, auburn hair fans out, framing my face on the light colored sheets. If I didn’t know any better, I think to myself, then I’d say the fates didn’t want me to have her.

I chuckle ruefully to myself, knowing how absurd that is. I was just having a stroke of bad luck was all. So what if I hadn’t seen her in over a week. That didn’t mean we would never get together. And once together, the only thing that could stop us is if she rejects-. I immediately dismiss that thought. It had depressed me more than once and ruined many evenings for me.

I was positive she wouldn’t reject my advances. Well, almost positive. After all, she still considered herself straight. And I hadn’t exactly told her the reason I never dated the cute guys at school. But if I just come out and say it she might. Again I stop, having already exhausted that thought as well.

Usually, rejection never bothered me. But she had always been an exception to the rule. Her, with that long, silky honey brown hair that fell perfectly straight to just above her round little butt. Her, with those crystal blue eyes that only turned the darkest of hues when truly in a good mood. Her, in those tight black pants she loved to wear with all those tight black tank tops. Her, with that lithe body that I wanted to touch.

I shut my eyes and sigh again. In my mind, I can picture her perfectly and every time I do, I feel that same little ache. God I wanted her. And I was sure she wanted me as well. Well, almost sure. She seemed pretty open to the topic of sex. We had discussed it many times over the phone, even in person. Of course, we never talked about us having sex, either with each other or any one else. We always talked about the characters we played on the internet.

When we first started talking about them, it was just discussing plot lines that we wanted to play out. Then, as our characters grew closer with each other, we discussed what would happen between them. And at first, our characters were a male and female couple. Then I slowly introduced her to the idea of a couple of just women. Imagine my surprise when she had no problem with trying it.

Then came the talk of those two becoming very intimate. Slowly, almost shyly, we discussed sex between the two. Then we were playing it out. Soon, we became very good at it and those two were all we played. If she’s open to them then she should be open to me. I thought for the hundredth time. But there was only one way to test that. I needed to have her come to my place to spend the night, when she was in a good mood and when my dad was working nights. Then I could simply try.

But it’s not that simple is it? I sighed and absently touch the pendant that I always wear. It had been a gift from her on my last birthday. It was a silver heart with a blue stone. My two favorite colors; silver and blue. Slowly, my hand travels away from my necklace, and moves over my chest. Since I had planned on her being there, I had worn the sexiest thing I owned that wasn’t blatantly obvious (as my mini skirt and halter-top would have been). My shirt was a dark blue tank top that stopped a little above my belly button and was so soft. Beneath it was my favorite bra; a black push-up that was just as nice as the top that concealed it. My hand traveled lower, over my taunt tummy. I had been doing crunches like crazy all week so that it would be perfect. My fingertips fleetingly brush my belly ring. It was a silver one with a blue stone that she had gotten me. Again silver and blue, my two favorite colors. It wasn’t my favorite piercing, but it was the only ring I owned. ! and she loved to play with it.

The next thing my hand touched was the 501 jeans that I was wearing. I had often gotten grief from the guys when wearing them, since they were a man’s jeans, but I didn’t care. When washed in hot water, as these ones were, they were a perfect fit. Low on the hips to accent my trim waist, tight on the thighs to show the slimness there, and a slight flair at the shins so I could still wear my black boots. Beneath them I wore the only pair of sexy underwear that I owned; a pair of silky black, bikini style panties.

My hand stops once it reaches my thigh and I open my eyes. I need to clean all this up before I forget. Slowly getting up from my bed, I look around my room and see everything I had put together for our night. There must have been 30 or so candles all over. And all of them smelled like one of two things: buttercream or hazel nut coffee. I knew they smelled wonderful when mixed for I had tried it before. I get out the box I had been storing them in since I got them, a whole two months ago, and put all but four back in. The box goes back under my bed to collect more dust as I wonder if they will ever be used for their purpose.

As I go to take out the CD of soft, romantic piano music, my cell phone rings. I pick it up, expecting one of my friends or even my father, and blink when I hear her sweet voice.

“Hey sweetie, I have a quick question.” I blink again for she usually never returns my little pet names for her.

“Sure thing, what is it?” My heart begins to beat faster as my mind tries to guess the question. Is it still good to come over? Want me to bring some ice cream? Need any sodas?

“Do you have the last ER on tape? I missed it yesterday and wanted to know if I could borrow it.”

My hopes crushed, I try to hide the disappointment as I speak, “Uh yeah I do. It’s on the same tape as the last WitchBlade.”

“Great! I’ll swing by sometime when I have the time and nab it from you. Don’t tape over it.”

“Tape over WitchBlade? What do you think I am,” I chuckle, “A communist?” I hear her giggle on the other end and smile. God what a voice.

“Well, I’ll let you go then Hun. I’ve got some laundry to start before it gets to late.”

“All right, I’ll talk to you later.” I don’t hang up until I hear the click on the other side.

Setting down the phone, I realize that I’ve become really depressed. Sighing, I decide that a hot bath might help. I gather the four candles in my room and take them to the bathroom. I arrange them to my liking and light them. Returning to my room, I get one stick of incense that smells of roses and a little stand for it. Putting it on the rim of the tub, I don’t light it just yet. I head back to my room one last time and strip down. Grabbing my navy robe, I pull it on and tie the waist then head downstairs.

Vanilla? With chocolate? Mint and chip? Pecan Praline? Walking to the fridge, I open the freezer and pull out the tub of pecan praline ice cream that is almost empty. I go ahead and scoop the rest into a plastic bowl and throw away the tub. Then, on a whim, I grab a glass and make some Hershey’s chocolate milk. With bowl and glass in hand, I go back up the stairs and into the bathroom. As I set the two things on the lid of the toilet, I hear my phone ring yet again. Cursing myself for having left the damn thing in my room, I hurry in to answer it. Picking it up I quickly turn it on.


“Please stay on the line for-” I hang up on the computer’s voice and scowl. Always the worst timing. So that I don’t have to make a mad dash into my room again, I bring the little device into the bathroom with me. By now, the bathroom smells wonderful. I light the incense and begin to fill the tub with the hottest water the faucet has to offer. I reach down and plug the bottom then grab my bubble bath and pour a good shot in. Soon, the smell of warm vanilla joins the other scents.

I pick up the bowl of ice cream and eat the little bits that are melting around the edges. By the time the tub is full, the ice cream is half-gone, as is the milk. I set the bowl down and turn off the water. Slipping off the robe, I slide into the water very slowly. I take the hair tie that has been on my wrist all day and pull my short hair back as well as I can. As I feel the stub of a ponytail I remember her first reaction to seeing it. A horse’s ass my ass. It’s more of a. Ah hell, it does look like a horse’s tail.

With a chuckle, I slide into the water until it is just under my chin. I clear my mind and take a deep breath, taking in the rich scents I have surrounded myself with. Soon, beads of sweat are collecting on my forehead and I remember my food. I sit up enough to reach the bowl and glass, and move them to the edge of the tub. I slowly eat the ice cream, enjoying every cool bite. Once it’s all gone, I gulp down the milk and set the dishes on the floor.

With a small inhale of the scents, I slip lower into the water. Stopping when I feel the hot liquid touch my chin, I shut my eyes. In my mind, I picture her as she looked the last time I saw her. We had been sun bathing in her backyard. She had been dressed in this little string bikini and I was in a skimpy full piece. As I remember the feel of her bare skin under my hands as I applied the sun block, again I feel that familiar ache, only this time it’s concentrated between my legs.

Knowing I need the release, I go ahead and think about her. I think about the times that we’ve spent giggling in pools at noon; on beds at midnight. The times when I came so close to kissing her but shied away and hid my intentions with a joke. The times I watched her sleep peacefully in my bed beside me. And as many times before, I let my imagination take over, making up scenes I wish where real.

I see the two of us sitting in front of the leather couch downstairs, sitting in front of the electric fire place that is throwing out heat for all it’s worth. We were drenched and giggling. We had just come in from the first real rain of the season. Ringing out her hair, my friend smiles at me and I almost melt. We each can see that the other is cold; goose bumps on our arms, nipples perking up beneath the thin, wet clothe of our tank tops. She says something to me, but her words are lost as I scoot closer and lean in. Her blue eyes watch with interest as I make my daring move, a small smirk on her lips. With boldness I’ve wished for in life, I lean forward and kiss her softly. And she returns my kiss, slipping her hand into my wet hair. Together, we press our bodies against each other, our arms wrapping around our wet frames.

I imagine what it would feel like to have that beautiful body against mine and smile. In my mind, the scenario continues. She lays me onto the floor as we kiss more passionately. Our hands begin to travel all over each other, exploring the previously untouchable. I let out a small has as I feel her hand grip my breast through my shirt. I push my tongue into her mouth, searching the dark, warm recesses there as my hand slip under her shirt. I find the clasp of her bra and undo it, releasing her ample chest. I see her smirk as she sits up and slips the bra off from under the tank top.

In the tub, I feel my pussy begin to heat up as I watch my fantasy unravel. My hands travel over my own body, as in my mind they are really hers. I roll us over so that she is on bottom and I begin to kiss at her neck, nipping at the wet contours. She makes soft, sweet noises as she succumbs to me. My hand runs under her shirt, seeking her warm mound. I hear her gasp as my cold flesh meets her hot flesh. I gently squeeze her, my thumb running over her hardened nipple. Between my legs I sense a dampness that isn’t from the rain and I wonder how worked up she is.

I moan softly as my hand slips between my legs to tease my aroused clit. My fingers run circles around it as I imagine lifting her shirt and kissing her breast for the first time. Again I hear her soft whimpering, and can just make out my name as I suckle her hardened nipple. The tip of my tongue teases her harder as my hands slip down her sides to her pants. I manage to unbutton them without taking my mouth from her breast, but her hands move beneath mine to unzip her pants for me. I smirk and lick her breast then move so my mouth is next to her ear. I whisper, “Do you want something baby?”

“Yes. please.” Her words are almost unrecognizable.

“What do you want?” I run my hand down into the front of her pants, over her panties. I can feel heat between her legs, beneath the thin fabric.

“Your touch. please. touch me.” I smile at her wanting.

In the present, my hand has started to rub my throbbing clit and I moan softly. My other hand begins to kneed my breast as I imagine whispering to her. “Like this baby?” My hand gently massages her mound through her panties, “Is this how you want it?”

She can only mange one word, “More.”

I smirk and run my fingertips along the boundary the fabric makes; up and down the side of her outer lips. “How much more?” She can’t answer but slides a hand down to rest on my, urging it on. I slip one fingertip under the fabric and run it over her mound, not yet entering her slit. “This much more baby?” She whimpers again. I slip my middle finger into her slit slowly and smile at what I find. “You’re so wet baby. Are you this wet just for me?”

“Oh god. Jessie. pllllease.” Her hips rise slightly to meet my hand.

I begin to run my finger up and down slowly, exploring the moist flesh. My fingertip pushes gently into her hole and she gasps. “That feels good doesn’t it?” I draw my finger back up and begin to circle her clit. Her legs strain in the confining pants, trying to open wide for me, but my finger stays put.

I let out a little gasp as my own finger slips inside and moves in and out a few times before returning to my own clit. In my mind I can see her squirming and panting as I finally touch her clit. She begs for more and I give her what she wants, rubbing her a little harder. After a few seconds, I can feel that she is nearing orgasm so I slow then stop.

“Don’t. stop baby. please.”

I smile and push my hand down into her panties. My already moistened middle finger slips into her slick hole and she gasps. “Don’t worry baby. I’m not done yet.” I push my finger in and press my thumb against her already naturally lubed clit. Slowly, my finger moves in and out, rubbing her walls with each movement. My thumb matched the pace of my finger, rubbing on her clit. Beneath me she squirms more, straining to give me more room in the confines of her pants. I go faster, loving the sound of her whimpers.

I rub my clit faster and harder as in my mind I hear her panting. I match the speed of my hand in my mind to my real one and my hips arch a little. I picture her wriggling in pleasure as I go faster and harder at her command. Soon I am moaning like her in my imagination. I picture her squirming then suddenly tensing as she comes all over my hand. I keep going, wanting to feel her contracting muscles as I push her into orgasm.

Water splashes about as I work myself up with her and feel my own orgasm coming. I picture her gripping me and holding me close as she spasm, gasping in pleasure as I myself hit that same point. My body shudders and quakes then slowly quiets down. I smile faintly, relaxed and in a much better mood. In fact, I was in such a good mood, it didn’t bother me when my cell phone went off. Lazily, I picked it up and answered, “Hello?”

“Hey it’s just me. You sound tired, I didn’t wake you did I?”

I blink, more than a little surprised that it’s her voice I hear. “Uh no. No, I was just taking a bath is all.”

I hear giggling on the other end, “Ahh. Taking one of your long hot baths?” I had told her once before that I liked hot, steamy baths to relax.


“Candles and everything?”

“Yep, even the ice cream.”

Giggling again and I’m reminded of my fantasy. “Have anyone in there with you?”

“No, of course not.”

“Anyone you wish was in there.”

I blush a little at her tone, glad it’s a phone and not in person. “Uh, yeah actually. I was just thinking of someone.” Just then, the doorbell rang and I jumped. Under my breath I curse.

“What was that?”

“Oh sorry. Someone’s at the door.”

Chuckling, “I wonder who the lucky schmuck will be who gets to see you all wet.”

I blush again as I climb out and pull on the robe. “Lucky my ass. If it’s not something worth while I’m going to shoot his ass.” I leave the bathroom and walk down the stairs.

“What if it’s a hotty? You going to invite him up?”

“Hell no.” I reach the bottom of the stairs and walk to the front door.

More chuckling on the other end, “What if it’s a chick?”

“Then I wouldn’t shoot her, just tell her to get lost.” I reach for the doorknob, not bothering with the peephole because I know the screen door is locked. Just as I begin to open the door, I hear her again.

“What if it’s me?” I pause in opening the door and stumble on my words.

“I. uh. would invite you in of course.” I open the door and look up to see who is there. I almost drop the phone.

Standing in front of me, she smirks and speaks into the phone. “Would I get to share that nice bath with you?”

Numbly I stand there staring at her and nod without realizing it. She smiles and opens the screen door, knowing it’s never kept locked. She steps in and shuts it behind her then looks at me in just my robe, which clings to my wet skin. She takes the cell phone from me and turns it off, then tosses both onto a near by chair. Looking at me again, she smirks, “Good, ’cause otherwise that’s a waste of a perfectly good bath.” She steps forward and puts her arms around me. I still stand there, shocked beyond belief. Did I fall asleep in the tub? Has to be it. This is just a dream. One of my fantasies.

Seeing the look on my face she smirks, “Oh what’s the matter? Don’t you want me to join you?” I nod and swallow, trying to speak.

“Yes. Of course. It’s just. I. uh. never thought that you.”

“That I what? Would notice you hitting on me? Notice your gaze on my body? I’ve known for a while now what you wanted. But I want you to come out and say it.”

I gulp slightly as I feel her press closer, “Say w-what?”

She leans in and speaks softly into my ear, “That you want me.”

I lick my lips and repeat the line that I’ve said so many times in my fantasies, my dreams. “I want you.”

Then, with a smile, she leans in and kisses me. None of my fantasies could have prepared me for what was to come that night. Nor compare to it. Who says the wishful always want but never get?

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