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“… You must follow these instructions to the letter; failure to do so in any way will be seen as non-compliance. You will be in breach of the conditions of the contracts into which you entered.”

Jenne felt the sweat begin to form soft droplets on her forehead and she hardly dared reading the rest of the mail. She had filled in that questionnaire thinking it was a prank and things were becoming decidedly scary now. She steeled herself against the possibilities and read on. It contained the instructions that she was to follow. Did she or didn’t she? Was this a sick joke or reality? God, she hoped it was a sick joke! Her mind ran back over the questionnaire that she had completed and sent. Stupidly, she had not followed her own safety advice and saved a draft of the returns that contained her answers. She’d been honest when she had filled it. God, it filled her with dread as she thought about what she had actually revealed. Her inner thoughts and deviant fantasies had been on that mail, and now someone had every tiny detail of her sexual likes, dislikes and history, on a file somewhere. She remembered some small print at the bottom of the page but she just didn’t read it. Was she stupid or what? Of all the people who should of known better, it should have been her. It was what she did for a living after all … Net Security.

Just what fantasy had they actually picked? There had been so many. She sure as hell hoped now that it wasn’t the really, really bad one. It was a fantasy, but that’s how she wanted it to remain… a fantasy. It couldn’t be … could it?

She read further down the mail and what she saw began to really frighten her. Just what the hell had she gotten into? The hair on the back of her neck stood on end as she read.

“You are due to host a meeting tomorrow morning; you are to wear the items that have been delivered to your apartment this afternoon.”

Her mind flashed, she was due to meet the “Board of Directors” tomorrow to present a resume of the work that she had completed now that the new security measures were in operation. That was a joke. She had implemented the measures and now found herself in this fix. Should she take this seriously or not? What if? Glancing at her watch she realised that it was time to head home. With a sigh of relief she left the office, but once on the tube, her thoughts began to ponder the mail that she had received. Who the hell was sending these mails? Before she had time to contemplate to much, she found herself on her own doorstep.

She opened the front door and noticed packages that had been placed out of view of the public, but where she would see them. She looked at them for a while. She even went back into the flat and tried to ignore them. But eventually, they pulled her in and she had to open them. Jenne sat them on the kitchen table and carefully unwrapped the neatly bound packages. Inside the first parcel, was a business suit. The skirt was short… very short, and cut in such a way that it would be tight across her figure when she wore it. The second contained a silk shirt, exquisitely cut, with the most beautiful ornate buttons. The third …a set of lingerie. It was the type of lingerie that Jennne had always dreamed of wearing. Designer lingerie… nothing short of the best. White, lacy, beautifully cut and styled. The package also contained a pair of sheer stockings and a set of black heels. These were higher than she normally wore and Jenne wondered, as she looked at them how the hell she was supposed to walk in them. She slipped them onto her feet and tried them out. They proved to be a beautiful fit and were easier to walk in than she had imagined. Hang on, how the hell did they know her shoe size? Shit, she must have put it in that questionnaire. What else had she put? She couldn’t think. That was what scared her more than anything else. The fact that she couldn’t remember just what she had written.

The note attached to the packages was typed, and simply reminded her to be at the meeting tomorrow. What the hell did the meeting mean? It was just a normal meeting. OK … she was new to the company and didn’t really know the Board. But, it was just part of this particular job, wasn’t it? She retired for the night after neatly hanging the suit and shirt on a hanger. She did not sleep well that night … she’d always lived life on the edge, but this scared the hell out her.

The following morning she rose early and showered. She stared at the lingerie laid neatly on the bed. Should she, shouldn’t she? Questions, questions. She took a deep breath and began to place each item over her freshly bathed and buffed skin. The feel of the silky fabric made her feel like a queen. God, this was one sexy outfit! The stockings were sheer and felt good as she rolled them, one by one, over her long, slender legs. The bra fit her pert breasts perfectly, and the belt that secured the stockings to her legs was beautifully, hand-embroidered with small pearls sewn into the material. The panties slid over the stockings and fit her shapely bottom eloquently. She stood in front of the mirror and admired herself. She reached forward and touched the material of the bra. God, this felt so damn sexy. Pity she didn’t have a man to share it with. She glanced at the time. She had three quarters of an hour to get to work. She placed the silk shirt over the lingerie and again looked in the mirror. The bra lifted her breasts even further giving the appearance of them being even more pert than they were. Slipping the skirt over her hips, she smoothed it down and checked that no creases were visible. The panties could hardly be seen through the dark material, but there was just a hint of them being there. Her jacket on, she slipped into the shoes that had been provided, picked up her briefcase and made her way to the tube station.

Jenne felt as sexy as she looked as she walked, the material of the panties rubbing against the tight skirt. She noticed the looks that she received as she made her way to work that morning. Normally she didn’t even rate a slight glance, but the effect of these clothes was unbelievable. She had tied her long blonde hair up this morning and maybe this was what had added to the attraction. As she entered the building she worked in, even the security officer seemed to notice her for once.

She made her way to her temporary office and turned on the PC. Better check the mail she thought. As she opened the inbox her heart began to pound once more. It was another e-mail from “FANTASIES FULFILLED”. What now? She opened the mail and began with some trepidation to read what it contained.

“Good to see that so far you have obeyed your orders, my dear. Continue to please me and everything will work out fine.”

She looked around. Who the hell was this? How did they know? Was it the security guard? Who the hell? She felt sick as she read on.

“I look forward to seeing your presentation later this morning”

What the hell? She clicked the mail shut. She had given up trying to trace them now. Was it internal? So many goddamn questions. She began to get prepared for the meeting; a sinking feeling in her heart. She didn’t have to go through with this but if she didn’t, she somehow knew the consequences would not be good. Besides, she would definitely lose this job and right now that was not a prospect she relished.

Ed leaned back in his chair, surveying the trinkets and props in his office. He was amazed at how willing Jenne had been to share with him via e-mail. He was even more shocked how quickly and completely she had complied with the messages and questions he’d sent her. “FANTASIES FULFILLED” had deep pockets and it had been relatively easy for him to set himself up as a Chairman of the Board. In reality, the whole company was a false front and Jenne had been the target of the ruse from the beginning. They had completely manufactured the entire company especially for her. Ed had been designated her “Fantasy Co-coordinator” and upon seeing pictures of this lovely young woman, he knew this would be a Fantasy to remember … for both of them.

Ed tilted back, kicking his feet up onto his desk and clicked the mouse of his computer, bringing up the photos of Jenne. She was gorgeous and he felt himself getting turned on thinking of her. She was “special” and he had “special plans” for her as he felt his cock grow harder. The most intriguing and sexy thing about her was the plethora of choices that she gave him for fantasies. She’d expressed interest in Voyeurism, Masturbation, Sex with Strangers … and many more. In fact, Ed planned to try to grant more than one of her choices … including one that she had only hinted at. And even better for him, he planned to join in her fantasy… something he hadn’t done in a very long time.

Ed was dressed impeccably, the fine tailored Italian suit made just for him. It was a dark, Navy blue, with fine charcoal black pinstripes. His tie was red silk, splashed with a print of deep purple and burgundy against his pristine white dress shirt. His brown hair was trim, but long, the curls in back lapping at his starched collar. Ed was one of those rare breeds of men that positively oozed confidence. He was used to getting what he wanted and he usually did. His eyes were his best feature, he thought as he perused his reflection in the mirror. A cool, green-blue, they smouldered and burned intensely. When you looked at them the first time, you saw the gentle, kind side. But, look deeper … and the fire that burned within them was clearly visible. His eyes had a magnetism all of their own, and Ed was only too well aware of this effect. He was good looking, but with a boyish charm and he took pride in his appearance. He exercised regularly and it showed. His body was well toned, not too muscled, but just right for his frame. The suit and cotton shirt stretched tightly across his torso, offering a glimpse of the toned body that lay beneath them. His hands were large, with perfectly manicured nails, and they had little trouble spanning the keyboard in front of him. As he glanced once more at his reflection he smiled. He was one hell of a guy, and boy, did he know it. Ed looked at his watch. Time to meet Jenne in person.

Her fantasy was about to begin in earnest.

Chapter 3 Coming Soon…
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