Erotic Story: You’re Never Too Old… 6

arseEach week I take part in a meme called Wicked Wednesdays. I do this for two reasons, it’s great writing practice and it’s fun…  This meme is not restricted to writing but writing is what I love to do so…

There had been so many first in her life, first love, first kiss, first time, first job, first house, and the lists went on and on. It seemed reasonable to her that there could few left to experience and yet here she was…

When he had suggested the idea she had balked a little. Whilst the idea intrigued her and if the truth be told turned her on, it was not something that she had ever contemplated doing before. Yet, the more that they had discussed the idea, the more she realized how much fear had stopped her doing things before, and she really had nothing to lose.

At the ripe old age of 54 she found herself in the familiar room, that she called her bedroom, but this time was different. This time he had given her instructions, strict instructions that she must obey at all costs. She resisted the urge to laugh as she read those instructions. She was to undress, put on the outfit that was laid out across her bed, and assume the position. She held back another giggle that threatened to escape her ruby red lips at the thought of that position, but before long she was dressed and found herself with her arse in the air on the bed that nowadays was reserved mainly for sleeping.

She sensed he was in the room now and again a nervous giggle threatened to escape her lips. She felt his large calloused hand touch her exposed cheeks and the giggle soon turned to a moan. He hands skillfully massaging the delicate flesh she so willingly pointed towards where she thought he was. She found herself moving down the bed, searching out his touch whenever he withdrew his hands from her flesh.

‘Thack’  the sound hit her harder than the instrument that he was using on the flesh that only moments before had been so delicately massaged. She cried out in pain at the contact and was about to reel round and ask him what the hell, when another short, sharp whack all but took her breath away. Her mind was reeling at the vicious but somehow delicious touch that he had just dealt her. She was amazed at the way her body was reacting. Until this point it had known nothing but caresses and soft touches. This was virgin territory and she was slowly realizing with each whack that her prone arse received that she was now actually looking forward to each blow, anticipating it being delivered. She could feel the slickness of her own juices grow with each quick thwack, feel her body respond, begging for more.

“I think you like that.” He voice sterner and more distant than she had ever heard it before.

Without waiting for her to reply, he drew the long instrument that was bringing her so much pleasure between her legs, gently touching her clit. That simple touch all but made her cum on the spot.

“Not yet.” This time he whispered in her ear, his warm breath serving to heighten her senses still further. He brought the riding crop down once more on her bare arse and she let out a squeal of delight at the sting of pain that left her senses reeling again.

“Now, I need you now.” Her breath was short but her voice was sure, as sure as the need for release that ran through her entire. “Pleeeeaaase, I need you now.” Even she was surprise by the urgency in her voice but thee need within her, the need that he had created needed to be satiated and she knew of only one way that would happen.

Before she could ask again he had plunged deep inside her. He filled her, pushing himself in deeply, and then with drawing his not considerable length, before repeating. It was not long before she was overcome with the delicious sensations of orgasm. For so long they had licked around her belly, but as he entered her once more they began to travel throughout her body. From the tips of her toes to the top of her head, they engulfed her and she all but exploded, letting out a throaty cry, that caught even her by surprise as it escaped her lips. She felt the familiar warmth between her legs as he began to empty himself deep into her at the sound.

Sometime later they both awoke. The room was dark, and chilly now but she could feel the warm glow that was still present in her arse cheeks. She smiled to herself the only thought running through her head, “Who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks?”

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6 thoughts on “Erotic Story: You’re Never Too Old…

  1. Reply John Feb 19,2014 7:27 am

    Lovely piece; I love the “calloused hand;” made me smile, don’t know why!


    Nice little tale. I don’t to stop experimenting when I’m old!

  2. Reply Marie Rebelle Feb 19,2014 12:20 pm

    It would be wonderful if more people would experiment when they feel their sex lives are getting boring and beds are only used to sleep in. Nice story!

    Rebel xox

  3. Reply Molly Feb 19,2014 4:41 pm

    we are never to old for firsts… that is basically the theme of my most this week too just from a slightly more personal angle.

    As an aside, I hope you don’t mind me saying but I find the pop-up cam adverts on your blog very distracting


    • Reply jenne Feb 19,2014 8:11 pm

      I think we tend to forget that we need to experience something in order to be able to say we liked it or not. As I’ve grown older I’ve realized this more and more and now rarely say no to a new experience as long as it’s not going to kill me LOL

      As for the ads I’m trying something new and nope I don’t mind you saying at all, in fact I appreciate your honesty.

  4. Reply Alyx Feb 21,2014 3:06 am

    Oh I really liked this one. I’m finding too, that one needs creativity and spontanaety and newness, for even the allure of such is arrousing. On the contrary, the lack thereof leaves one unsatisfied.

  5. Reply josie Feb 24,2014 2:39 am

    Its nice to know that when your old your not going to loose your spunk and weirdness and I liked your little story. A question though if your gunna have sex wont you try out all types of sex or is that just me?

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