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Erotic Story: Whose Idea Was This?This piece was written and was supposed to follow the guidelines below. Unfortunately, or fortunately as the case maybe, sometimes stories take on a life of their own, and the characters do what they want and this is what happened here. I’m happy with the results though and hope you will be too!

Key Phrase:  Bad Idea
Word Limit:  2000 Characters, including Spaces
Forbidden Words: Naked, Shower
Bonus Words:  Tell us about a bad idea of your own.
Extra Credit:  Come up with a new bad idea…..

“Whose idea was that?” I heard my secretary utter, his voice filled with obvious indignation. I thought about engaging in a conversation with him, but there were times when it was simpler to just ignore him, and this seemed to be one of those times. I had a huge amount of work to get through before the meeting tomorrow anyway, and distractions were the last thing I needed right now.

The sound of yet another email arriving in my in box caught my attention. I opened the company email, figuring it was just a run of the mill everyday email that we seemed to receive on a daily basis since the new management had taken over.

As my eyes scanned the text, I felt a lump form in my throat, and the words that my secretary had just spoken rang in my own ears. “Whose idea was that?”

Dear Colleague,
We at Starlight Corp. are committed to your health and well being. With this in mind we have implemented forthwith a new company policy that is designed with the goals set out in your new policy manual, which you will find attached to this mail.

It has been brought to our attention that the custom of hand shaking within the corporate world has been shown to produce a variety of health issues. These include but are not limited to: common colds, the flu virus, other viruses as yet unidentified.

In order to protect our employees we have decided that hand shaking is now banned as a form of greeting within the company. From now on you will instead greet your colleagues and business associates with a kiss. It has been scientifically shown that kissing produces far less health problems than hand shaking and the end product is a happier and healthier work force, something I think you will agree is something we at Starlight, all strive for.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Dave Steward

I read the mail, three more times, absorbing the words and then hear myself utter the words, “Who the hell’s idea was that?”

John, my secretary entered the office and I looked up at him, and I suddenly wasn’t sure whether I relished the thought of having to kiss him each morning. Yes, he had a boyish charm about him, but he was just that a boy. The kid was barely out of college and I was old enough to be his Mother.

“I’m guessing you’ve seen the latest gem from upstairs?”

“Umm yep.” was all I could think of to say at that precise moment.

“It get’s even better when you read the new handbook. Have you read it yet?”

I simply looked up at him and shook my head.

“OMG is all I have to say. Apparently just a peck on the cheek does not suffice when it comes to our health. We have to greet each client, etc with a full on blown out snog.” his face scrumpled into an ugly Silhouette as he spoke the words. His disgust at the very thought all to apparent.

“Is this for real or are you just trying to get a rise out of me? I asked.

“Oh it’s for real, so we all have to pucker up in the name of health from now I guess.” As the words left his lips, a wry smile spread across his face. That damn smile of his was as contagious as any air born pathogen and I felt my own face begin to crack under his gaze.

“So when does this policy go into effect?” I asked, almost scared of the answer.

“Right now.” Before I had time to think, his lips were on mine and we were entwined in a full blown kiss. I could feel my cheeks turning a shade of scarlet that my cheeks were more accustomed to.

John broke his death grip on my lips and let go with a sigh.

“I thought you would be a better kisser than that.” His voice tinged with disappointment.

I gave him a look from over the rim of my glasses that was normally reserved for my younger kids when they had misbehaved.

“You didn’t exactly give me much warning, now did you?” I rebuffed quickly.

“I guess not.” He conceded somewhat reluctantly.

“Well now we got that out of the way you had better getter some work done, hadn’t you?”

As he strode across my office I watched him, licking my lips. I could still taste him, smell his musky cologne and as much as I hated to admit it, I was acutely aware of the slickness that had began to creep between my thighs. Shit he shouldn’t be having this effect on me! I know it had been a while since I’d been for a jump in the hay, but Jesus…

I found work all but impossible that afternoon. My mind kept wandering, my eyes followed John’s every move. Damn it all, it wasn’t as though I had never been kissed before. Yet, by mid afternoon, I found myself in the company bathroom with my short skirt hoisted over my thighs and my fingers buried deep in my pussy. I needed relief, and I needed it now. As my fingers worked their magic, my head was filled with thoughts of John. I wonder how big his cock was, did he even know what to do with it, and whether it would be right of me to tutor him in the not so gentle art of fucking. The thought of schooling him, sent me into a tail spinning orgasm, the like that I had not experienced in a very long time.

As I left the office, I swear John winked at me, but I was in such a hurry to get home, I couldn’t be sure.

Once in the safety of my own apartment I began to plan. Scenarios swirled around my head, and wetness around my pussy lips as I thought about the possibilities, that seemed endless. I was annoyed at the company in part because they had started this whole thing, but at the same time, I told myself I could teach John more than most women in the office ever could about kissing and much, much more. As I retired to bed that night, my head stilled filled with thoughts of the battle plan that I had created for the next day I drifted into a blissful orgasm induced sleep.

The following morning, I arose early. I needed time to put my plan into action and I knew exactly what that plan was. As I dressed I admired myself in the mirror. I wasn’t so bad looking for an older woman. My skirt fell over the stomach that had seen the birth of two kids, but was still flat after many hours in the gym. I decided not to bother with panties today, but I did place my favorite bra over my tits, which whilst they were not quite as perky as they had been at thirty were still not bad. I grabbed my bag on the way out and headed to the office.

As I entered the lobby for the building, I was greeted by the strangest sight. A multitude of people kissing in the lobby. Some were obviously more comfortable with the new company policy than others, but in this economy no one’s job was safe. I avoided the melee and made my way to my office, fully aware that John would be at his station already. I studied him for a second before stepping off the elevator, and he looked better than I ever recalled. His slim body, showed signs of the workouts that I knew he took at the company gym, and his muscles strained invitingly against the white cotton short that encased his chest. I felt the familiar slickness begin to grow between my thighs and I knew there was only one cure for this itch.

I made my way towards his desk, and before he could open his mouth, I stooped down, and kissed him passionately. My hands found their way to his face and my finger tips traced almost every inch of his face, as my tongue began to probe his mouth. I expected some resistance but instead his tongue willing danced with my own. I was finally forced to come up for air, and I simply asked him to report to my office in five minutes. From the look on his face, he would be there.

“Close the door John. You and I have some unfinished business I think?”

There it was again that wry smile of his. It was almost as if he knew that this was going to happen, but he was not prepared for what I did next. I walked over to him, and thrust my tongue into his mouth once more. My hunger for him had morphed overnight and from one simple kiss to a monster. It was like a freight train on a collision course and I had very little control over it. I felt his hands begin to explore my curves as our tongues began to dance once more. Again I broke away from him and proceeded to retreat to my desk. I knew if I didn’t I would lose complete control.

“Meet me in the ladies bathroom at lunch if you want more.” I issued the order or maybe it was a request in my best court voice. He said nothing as he left the room.

As lunch drew nearer my thighs became slicker and my hunger grew. The pit in my stomach had nothing to do with food however and was more connected to my pussy than I cared to admit even to myself. At 12, I proceeded to the ladies room and wondered if he would come. Right on queue , John sauntered around the corner of the small room. He stopped for a second and allowed me to admire his sleek body before we were on each other like hungry wolves in a feeding frenzy. Hands were seemingly everywhere, as he pushed me back into the nearest stall. The door was shut and all bets were off. My carefully constructed battle plan all but flew under the door and it was every man for himself.

His tongue once again began to dance with mine, before I dropped onto my knees and after wrestling it from his pants, took his long but adequate cock into my mouth. I hadn’t tasted cock in so long I lapped it up, the sweet and salty taste feeding my hunger. I felt him pulse as if he was going to explode but instead of coming, he pulled me up to meet him once more. Again our lips and tongues danced as he hoisted my skirt up over my waist and plunged his length into me. His fingers worked the same magic that mine had yesterday, and it wasn’t long before I was falling headlong into an orgasm. He joined me as my pussy pulsed around his cock. We slumped against the door of the cubicle, both spent, our hunger quelled.

“So Ms Martin, I’m guessing that new policy was not such a bad idea ofter all?”

“No I think it might be a fun policy but I’m not sure it’s going to work the way they think?”

“How come?”

“We might be healthier employees but I’m not sure that there is going to be much work done whilst it’s in place.”

“I think you make a very good point.” he reflected as he greeted me the Starlight way once more.

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This story was written as part of the Flash Friday challenge that takes place over at  If you enjoyed my story, why not hop on over there and read the other authors stories!

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  1. Reply advizor54 Sep 19,2014 6:25 pm

    HOW GREAT! I have been updating, re-writing, and consolodating HR policies for the last 6 months and none of us have come up with something this good. I’m sure the health benefits will be great, but productivity will plummet

    I’m glad you broke through the word limit and let it run its course. A fantastic entry.

  2. Reply Theresa Davaney Feb 1,2017 3:49 am

    One sure way to wet my pussy is following me into the bathroom slowly sliding your hands under my skirt only to find I’m not wearing any panties…. My thighs are already wet
    …..i feel that pure hard throbbing cock pushing against my ass as you slide your fingers up inside me…… I am unzipping your pants but I don’t want you to remove them….. Stick it in my wet pussy now Ohhhhh yes my skirt is over my waist and you are grabbing my nipples while you fuck me soooooo hard…. It happens so fast it must we have work to do but not before I feel you cum all over my titties as I finish you off with a titty fuck… Yeah you love it your cock is so Fucking full yes come on me…. Mmmmmm

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