Erotic Story: Watching In The Dark

Watching Her MasturbateWritten by: Anonymous

He woke up and the room was dark, which was fine because that’s the way he had left it when he fell asleep. As he slowly drifted back to the world of the awake, he ran a checklist through his mind of hi surroundings. This was his bed, check. This was his dorm room, check. The time was two AM he could see from the glowing dial on the clock on his bedside table, so he hadn’t slept through the morning. The moon shone through the windows and splashed the room with a soft, clear light. When he finally came out of his sleep-induced haze, he figured out what woke him up.

From the other side of the room, someone was making noises. He could distinctly hear the sound of a girl’s soft moans. He very slowly reached over to his nightstand and slipped his glasses off and onto his face. He got his focus and could now make out the activity that was coming from his roommate’s side of the dorm room.

In the moonlight, he could see the nude body of a girl with her legs up in the air. From her happy noises and the way she was posed, he knew his roomie was between her legs eating out her pussy. He propped himself up on his arm so he could enjoy the show.

The girl was loving being eaten as she caressed her breasts and pushed her head back into the pillow. She softly whispered his name and he popped his head up to shush her. They both glanced at the other bed and their audience pretended to sleep.

When he was sure they’d gone back to their business, he opened his eyes just in time to see his roommate mount the girl to fuck her. The roommate planted his arms over the girl and started to bang away at her. He could hear the slap of skin on skin in the dark and his cock hardened under the blankets. She was letting out these soft, little squeals that drove him crazy. When roomie blew his load she yelped and they both froze up and looked back at him again.

He pretended to turn over in his sleep and at the same time covered his face to keep them from seeing his shit-eating grin. After a while, they were at it again and he watched. The whole night, he watched them fuck and stop to check to see if they had woken him up. He just enjoyed the show and knew in the morning he’d have the blackmail material roommate’s only dream about.

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