Erotic Story: Watching. Flash Fiction 1

 past-present-futureI love to play along with memes and this Wednesday as with many other I decided to take part once more in the Wicked Wednesday meme. This week the prompt was this picture. Below is my interpretation in flash fiction. I hope you enjoy it.

Wherever I may be you are always there, the one constant in my life. How often have a turned to look at you and have caught nothing but a fleeting glimpse. I know that you are there though, watching.

You watch as I come home, kick off my clothes and step into the cool shower. I can feel your presence as the cool water slips between by breasts, and trickles from my hardened nipples. The moisture that grows between my thighs has little to do with the water that encompasses me. My hands begin to wander, slowly caressing my body as you watch. Slowly working their way till they are firmly fixed between my thighs, and are soon working feverishly to bring me to a climax, and yet I wait. I wait for you, and yet you never come. Always constant but never quite there.

I stand waiting for you, but you don’t come, you never do and yet. So I take matters into my own hands once more. My breasts thrust forward, my nipples taught with desire, my hand returns to my thighs and begin to deftly apply pressure in all the right places. Places that only you have seen, the places that you lurk, watching. Until I’m unable to wait any longer, I simply let go. The emotions of the day drain from my body, just as the water runs from my body, and travels towards the plug hole, gathering strength and monument. I lose all control, I forget that you are watching and instead allow my body to take it me where it will. I forget that you are ever present and give in…

As I step from the shower into the sunlight that fills my bathroom, I see you once more. You stand behind me as I look into the full length mirror. You are my shadow but you are so much more. You are my constant companion, the witness to my life. I’ve never spoken to you and yet you know me as only I know myself. You have never touched my body, but you are always on my mind. You are my shadow… Without you watching over me I would never be whole. You complete me.

Wicked Wednesday
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  1. Reply Marie Rebelle Jul 30,2014 1:11 pm

    This is an interesting piece of writing. It made me think about my own shadow 🙂

    Rebel xox

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