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Waiting An Erotic Story

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Written By Jenne

Anne found herself strutting up and down her hallway, waiting for the moment that the doorbell would surely ring. Ding Dong. The sound that always signaled that the waiting was over, but until that sound came there was no telling how much time would elapse as she waited.

She stood for a moment and admired her full figure in the elongated mirror that sat at one end of the hallway. Sexy, that was how she would describe this outfit, sexy but not slutty. She knew he did not appreciate slutty and he would simply turn around and walk out of the door, if he didn’t like what she was wearing.

Her hands caressed the soft velvet fabric of the corset that enveloped her figure, almost encasing it, but still allowing her room to breath. She loved this corset and more than that, what it did for her body. Yes, it was a pain in the ass to put on, with all this eyelets but when you are waiting there is little else to do, so a few eyelets seemed a small price to pay. Her ample breasts almost flowed from the soft material, but always managed to stay were they were put. The matching briefs, always made her ass look good she concluded as she turned around and admired her curved booty. Of course the piece de resistance was her black stockings and thigh high black leather boots. Oh, how she loved these boots, having been made to wait weeks for them, had somehow made them seem more special. The pleasure of receiving and then opening them had been exquisite.

Anne pulled her ponytail out of it’s elastic and decided to rearrange the blonde locks that were now dangling over her shoulders. She waited as the hair tongs got hot enough to straighten her usually curly locks and set about sectioning and sliding them down her hair, just as she desperately wanted to slide her tongue down the shaft of the man she was waiting for.

Wicked thoughts licked at the corners of her mind as she finished straightening her hair. She wound it into a tight bun and attached them to her head with some pins. Pins that looked similar to the clamps that he had used on her nipples last time he had made her wait. At the very thought her nipples strained against the corset of their own accord. Could she use these and not be punished later for doing so? After some deliberation she decided against the idea, her nipple strained against the corset, as if daring her to disobey her own brain, but she had been told to wait and wait she would. Her nipples were so hard now, they pushed like fearless soldiers through the fabric, poking out the other side and begged to be touched. They craved a hard touch, just a pinch of pain would probably push her over the edge but she refused to give in.

Her inner thighs were growing ever damper, as her waited in her own hallway for that familiar sound that would grant her release. She wondered if she could hold out much longer. The desire seemed to be creeping up her thighs, circling her clit, and filling her with wanton pleasure, but she knew that waiting was half the fun, making her wait simply made her want him more. She sooo wanted to feel his skin touching her, teasing her flesh, making her nipples stand to attention with each pinch of pleasure he choose to bestow on her. Would he bend her over the small hall stand and administer blows with his bear hands or instead choose to use an instrument? She had no idea, but with each thought of the painful blows, her pleasure and the wetness between her thighs grew.

She paced the hallway one more, trying to take her mind away from the dark places it wanted to go. She tugged at the cuff of her boots, pulling them just a little higher and as her fingers brushed her thighs she felt a rush of adrenaline, but more than that anger. How dare he make me wait again? How dare he tease me this way? I need an orgasm dam it and the bastard makes me wait. She shook her head as if mentally scolding herself for those thoughts. She knew better than most that waiting was part of the game, but dam it was hard, as hard as she knew he was getting as he waited to surprise her.

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She turned and walked into the kitchen, pulled a ready made dinner from the freezer and pushed into the microwave. She watched as the turntable spun, around and around it went. She waited until it came to a halt before removing the steaming food, then she unceremoniously dug her fork into the pasta dish. She realized a little too late and felt the pain as it burnt her tongue. “Shit!” was all she could say as she tried to quench the pain with a cup of water. As the water rushed over her tongue and down her throat, all she could think was that she hoped this would not ruin the night that she had waited so long for.

As that precise moment she heard the familiar chime of her doorbell and realized the wait was over. She all but dropped the cup into the sink and sprinted to the front door. In her haste and desperate need for release she fumbled with the lock on the door but it was open soon enough.

There he stood the man she had waited for an over three hours to see. He grinned that big grin of his that always symbolized his pleasure. She was conscious of his eyes traveling the length of her body as they simply stood at the door. The stillness of anticipation ran through them, but was quickly broken by the sounds of footsteps on the staircase that led to her apartment. Anne realized she was dressed only for his pleasure at that moment and stepped back allowing him to follow her through the small gap that was the front door.

The same door that slammed shut behind him, and within seconds his lips met hers. “I see you’ve been good tonight. He whispered before breaking the kiss and reaching upwards his hands found her nipples. He pinched them quickly in a pulsating movement that sent tiny shock waves of pain through her entire body. It was as though her clit and nipples were connected by some invisible string, as he pulsated the pinches she felt herself come dangerously close to the edge of orgasm. She pushed closer to him, trying to signal that she was but one delicious pulse away, but he did not stop. She felt the rush of current that had been directed at her clit, pull upwards and rush through her body till it exploded in her brain. He continued the pulsating sensation until he felt her relax her body against his.

Now she knew the wait would begin once more, but she had learned to wait, the pain was worth the pleasure that now coursed through her body….
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10 thoughts on “Erotic Story: Waiting

  1. Reply Marie Rebelle Nov 5,2013 3:08 pm

    I love that delicious feeling of pain and pleasure, pain when my nipples are pinched hard and pleasure when that brings me to orgasm 🙂

    Great story!

    Rebel xox

  2. Reply Malflic Nov 6,2013 12:22 pm

    Fantastic story and very entertaining.

  3. Reply Molly Nov 6,2013 12:45 pm

    Ahhh the pain of waiting… one of the hardest to endure I find


  4. Reply Heaven Nov 6,2013 7:34 pm

    Damn I hate to wait on someone as well but the thought is kind of sexy sometimes.

  5. Reply hispreciouspet Nov 6,2013 10:13 pm

    Having to wait so increases the anticipation of pleasure and filled needs! It can be almost unbearable!!! I remember having to wait between times to meet with my Master before we married. I loved the anticipation. In some ways, I do miss that anticipation. However, I am happy to be able to sleep beside him night after night now.

  6. Reply John Nov 7,2013 7:40 am

    Ahhh waiting! Sometimes I get teased and denied by my wife and she makes me wait in expectation. It’s cruel but a delicious torment.

  7. Reply Lori&Hubby Nov 7,2013 8:31 pm

    I love waiting and the anticipation that builds.. great story! HUGS

  8. Reply Mia Nov 8,2013 5:42 pm

    The end result is often worth the wait. Lovely piece!

    Mia xx

  9. Reply Stranded Nov 9,2013 9:51 am

    Very hot story…nipple pinching is an art, in my humble opinion.


  10. Reply mehren shariff Nov 17,2013 5:58 am

    luv it wen I have 2 wait for 1 of my my bfs.. the thot of it is sending me into ecstasy now!!

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