Erotic Story: Unlocking Her Pleasure 4

Unlocking Her Please An Erotic Story.Written By: Jenne
Alice tried to remember who had given her the key, and more importantly why? Why her, why now, and what room did it open? She glanced around, her surrounding not as familiar to her as she would have liked. Dark and foreboding was how her Father would have described it had he been here, which of course, he wasn’t.

Taking the key in her hand she began to try it in each of the door locks. Five doors later and she was about ready to give up. As she reached the sixth she sighed, convinced that it wouldn’t fit, it just didn’t look right but it slid right into the lock and turned like the well oiled machine that it actually was.

She stood back a little startled as the door began to clank. Clink, clank, clink, clank. If she’d thought this room was ominous it had nothing on the sounds that were now coming from the door. After what seemed like an eternity, the heavy and ornate door swung open and after summoning all her nerve Alice proceeded to enter.

The sounds that greeted her were as foreign as the sights that meet her eyes. She closed them tigthly and placed her hands over her ears hoping that as if by magic they would disappear but alas this was not the case. She opened one eye and surveyed the unfamiliar landscape once more. Dark skinned, and naked…

“Oh My!” the words left her bright red lips before the thought had entered her head. Each of the figures hairless heads turned to look at her and she felt cheeks flush red. After a brief glance each of the heads turned back and the owners continued with their tasks. It was then and only after some careful examination, Alice realized just exactly what they were doing. In pairs. With their naked bodies.

Carnal and pleasure, were the words that jumped into her head, as she watched one woman take a rather large, bulbous, and mushroom shaped head into mouth, devouring it as if it was her last supper. She observed the spectacle for a while before turning her attention to the other occupants of the room, as they paid her no heed. She could feel her eyes begin to bulge as they took in the sight of others indulging in the carnal pleasures of the flesh, the likes of which she had only read about.

Her own thighs began to dampen as she watched one particular man, who was lain on his back, his hands bound tightly above his head, with a beautiful young maiden on top of him. Her golden locks spilled over her pert breasts like moss grows on a tree, as she took her pleasure from her captive. Alice watched as she rode back and forth on his cock as if it were a thoroughbred, and judging from the sounds, she was enjoying the ride.

Her eyes focused on a dark corner of the room, and there she found a lonely figure in the gloom. At first glance he looked like a statue, his dark skin glowing with perspiration, but he began to move towards her. She wanted to flee, but instead she stayed, rooted to the spot. As he came closer her pulse quickened, her thighs dampened and her clit became engorged. No words were spoken, not needed as he stood over her, his eyes filled with lust, as were hers. Reaching forward he took the key from her, before he placed his hands on her wrists and before she knew it they were clad in iron cuffs that hung from the ceiling of the room. She should have been afraid but she wasn’t. Whether it was the sights and sounds that surrounded them, or the pure force that this man emitted she had no idea, and she really didn’t care.

She drank in the smell of him as he came closer. A heady mixture of spice and sweat engulfed her as he swirled around her, examining her. She shuddered as he touched the top of her breasts, causing her head to ignite with wanton thoughts and desire that until now, she had only dared to dream. He began to undress her, his long fingers nimble and before long her breasts spilled from the garments and her naked body was exposed to the elements. Time stood still as he just stood still observing her as a scientist observes his favorite specimen.

He moved towards her and her entire world began to spin with his touch. Her breasts felt fuller than they had ever done before as he kissed, teased and, bit her large and engorged nipples. His talented and very creative tongue began to travel the length and breadth of her naked skin. Every inch of her was licked, or touched by him, with the exception of the one thing she most needed to be touched. Her clit was pulsing between her legs. As his tongue reached her inner thighs, she found her legs eagerly parting, allowing a view of the landscape that awaited him.

As he hit the spot that was crying for attention, the entire world span faster, and faster. Occasionally he would slow that world down and allow her the pleasure of simply enjoying the moment, before sending her spinning once more. Around and around, slower, faster, as if she were riding some invisible roundabout of pleasure, spiraling out of control, sinking deeper into the depths of pleasure before the final release, which was akin to being slingshot across the room and back to where she’d started. She reveled in the sensations and cared not where she was nor whom she was with. This was the first time that she had ever simply been allowed the pleasure of well, pleasure. Her pleasure.

He slowly brought her back down to earth, his tongue less reverent before he completely left her hanging. She was fully satiated, neither wanting nor needing anything more from him. He asked nothing of her, and simply unshackled her before handing her the key. As the image melted from her mind she understood what this moment meant, she had finally unlocked the key to her own pleasure.

This story was written from a prompt on Wicked Wednesday that requested we start our story with the line: Alice tried to remember who had given her the key…

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  1. Reply Jade A. Waters Jan 14,2015 8:24 am

    Hello, door number six! (Please direct me to this hall.) But on a serious note, I like the allegory aspect of this, Jenne!

  2. Reply Marie Rebelle Jan 14,2015 1:21 pm

    I love how you paint erotic images with your word and really like the symbolism of the key!

    Rebel xox

  3. Reply Lord Raven Jan 17,2015 7:58 pm

    hot and erotic. I love the unknown of this piece. well done

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