Erotic Story: The Moonlight Walk

erotic story: the moonlight walkAn erotic short written for a very special person
Author: Benjamin Sky

You and I walk hand and hand along the moonlit beach. Water laps over our feet with each wave that rolls in. The moonlight is dancing off your silky hair. A gentle cool breeze is flowing in with the wave Chill bumps pop up on your previously smooth skin and I wrap my arms around you sharing my warmth. Your body fits perfectly with my own.

I look into your eyes and everything else vanishes. You and I are nowhere, intertwined in each other limbs. Your soft lips seek out mine. When they connect, I can taste your hunger. Our lips part and our tongues meet. They begin a sensual dance and sparks begin to fly. My hands slide up your back underneath your top and pull you close as my lips gently caress your neck. It seems there can be no space between our bodies, and yet we long to be closer still.

You lift my shirt over my head as I begin to unbutton your blouse. Your blouse falls off your shoulders, and I step back to admire your breasts. They are beautiful! Not too big, not too small, just right. Your nipples are firm and inviting. The moonlight baths your skin in a soft luminescent glow. Unable to stand the distance, I draw you close. Our bare chests meet in a warm embrace. You slowly grind your hips against mine, and I meet your grinding with needful pressure of my own. Our fires ignite!

We remove our remaining clothes with a fevered urgency. You leap into my arms, locking your arms around my neck. Your long slender legs lock around my waist. My hands cup your perfect ass and begin to knead them gently. Your precious womanhood rests on my fully erect manhood. My lips once again lock with yours. Your tongue tickles mine as they explore greedily.
I collapse to my knees and sit upon the beach, with you resting in my lap. Your legs still locked around my waist. I kiss your skin gently as I work my way down to your breasts. I take your breast into my mouth, and gently tug on your firm nipple with my teeth. A moan of pleasure escapes your lips. My tongue travels round and round your nipple and it responds by getting harder yet. I nurse upon your other breast, not wanting it to be jealous. As I suck upon its nipple, you shriek in sheer delight.

I lay you down upon the sand, as my mouth explores further. You giggle with pleasure and squirm underneath me as my tongue tickles your ribs. I find your belly button and continue the torture as my tongue goes in and out in and out.

I roll you onto your stomach and you arch upwards, your perfect ass rising to meet me. I kiss your cheeks without mercy while you grind them into my face. I travel down until my mouth meets your lips, dripping with your excitement. My tongue parts your swollen lips and caresses your soft folds as my thumb finds the pinnacle of your pubis and rubs it gently. You grind against me even harder as my tongue begins to explore deeper. Your excitement, now flowing freely, is hot and sweet as it drips down my chin.
You push me onto my back and kneel over me, your hair tickling my chest. You bite my nipples and tug upon them teasingly. You slowly explore my abdomen leaving kisses in your wake. I can feel your hot breath upon my skin and it feels good. Your tongue finds my navel, and you unmercifully return my torture two fold. When I can stand it no longer, I push your head further down.

My head oozes with happiness as you torture it with your tongue. You take my manhood into your mouth, and slide up and down its shaft pausing at the top to swirl your tongue around my head. With each cycle you bring me closer to the edge. My hands grasp the back of your head as your tempo increases to a fevered pace. Your suction increases unmercifully, threatening to drain me dry. It would be impossible for me to be any harder, yet you continue to torture me with pleasure. My shaft begins quiver with delight.
When I can stand it no more, I pull you up till you lay upon my chest. Your hips grind into me, your peach, slick with your essence, brushes my shaft with every grind. As you travel up and down my length, I can feel you burning inside. I begin to counter your up with my down and your down with my up. Each time we meet, our fire grows hotter still. You reach between us and grab me firm, and guide me into the place that I long for. You push down until I am completely engulfed in your sweetness. You slowly rise up till your hands are resting on my chest. Your hips dance upon my shaft in a rhythmic circular motion. Can anything feel better?

You lean back grabbing my ankles while beginning to bounce upon my member, my hips matching yours stroke for stroke. The heat of our passion is building with every cycle. Your juices wash over me, as our urgency increases. Our fever building as faster and faster still we go.

You lean forward and wrap your arms around my neck as we roll onto your back. Your legs lock around my chest as I drive deeper and deeper into my sanctuary. Our mouths lock together and our bodies begin to tremble as I feel your contractions begin. With each one, you squeeze my tight. I begin to throb as we buck with urgency. We kiss with increased fervor as waves of release wash through our bodies. Our bodies become rigid as we press into each other for our final release. On that final stroke, as I empty inside my home, the sweet euphoria overtakes us. We seem to melt together in utter elation as we lay there spent.

We lay on our backs looking up into the stars, still basking in the afterglow of our lust, cold waves wash over us, and we realize the tide is coming in. We hurriedly pick up our clothes as they start to wash away. Now dressed in cold wet clothes, with arms locked around each other, we walk back the way we came. The stars are now gazing down upon us, jealous of our moonlight walk.

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