Erotic Story: Me And My Toy

sex toy funWritten by: Anonymous

My heart was still racing as I shut the door behind me, his smile still in my head. I stretched out on my bed with a silly grin on my face.

I let my hands begin to wander, first teasing my nipples through my thin cotton T-shirt, making them hard, then moving down my flat tummy. As his laugh echoed in my mind, I let my fingers find the bottom hem of my shirt, pulled it up slowly, imagining it was his. I felt a moan escape my lips and slipped my hand into my panties finding my wet lips.

I couldn’t believe how wet I was, just from the power of his voice, oh and that smile. God that man is sexy.

I closed my eyes and pictured him lying between my legs with a grin on his face. I ran my finger over my swollen clit and felt my body quiver. I began to make light circles around my clit, making sure to tease my opening with my middle finger. I moaned again, hearing his smooth voice in my head telling me he wanted to hear me cum. I quickened the pace with my fingers, changing between rubbing my clit and slipping my middle finger into my pussy and squeezing against it. My breathing began to quicken and my moans came more often, almost with each breath.

I felt the familiar stirring deep within my body as I started to lose myself. As I played with my breasts, I squirmed on the bed, making the bedspread wrinkle. I slipped my hands underneath my thin T-shirt; my hands ran up my tummy and to the underside of my breasts. I closed my eyes again and pictured his hands on me. My hands rounded up to my nipples, still hard from the attention I gave them earlier; I began to roll my nipples between my fingers as I massaged my large breasts. My body was covered in tingles I wanted to cum for him so badly.

I smiled softly as I slide my hand out of my shirt and over the little vibrator. I’ve used it so often I can hold it and turn it on with one hand. Soon enough came the very familiar buzzing. I traced the vibrator around my breasts, rolling over my nipples; I was so horny my hips were already squirming against the bed. I could feel my pussy almost dripping, aching for the familiar touch of the vibrator. I continued to trace with the vibrator to my mound.

His voice purred through my mind again as I slipped the vibrator between my lips. Feeling the vibrator graze my engorged clit I moaned loudly and grabbed my breast with my free hand. I let the vibrator slide up and down the length of my lips, pleasing my clit and teasing my opening.

I slipped the vibrator into my pussy and moaned again, long and soft. I gripped the vibrator tightly with my pussy as I pushed it further in, almost the entire length. Slowly I began to pull it back out, the vibration still stimulating my hard clit. Back in went the vibrator. I began to quicken the pace, in and out, my free hand massaging my breast and tweaking my nipples.

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My moans came almost with each breath. I began to rock my hips against my hand and vibrator, pumping harder and faster. I could feel my climax begin to build as I squeezed tightly around the plastic cock. My moans were almost continuous, my hand almost a blur, forcing the vibrator to fuck me. My body began to tense and I held my breath, my climax peeked.

I was moaning his name as I worked the plastic vibrating cock in and out of my pussy coaxing my climax through the peak. I felt myself cum and the juices trickle down to my ass, I slowed the strokes a bit and made them longer as my climax subsided. With a flick of my index finger, my little vibrator was off and I slide it out of my sopping wet pussy. I sighed heavily and completely relaxed lying on my bed, my heart beating so hard it felt as if it were in my head.

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