Erotic Story: Marissa’s Afternoon Quickie

Female MasturbationWritten By: TucsonTrio

My husband is a very successful, full-time salesman. He covers a large territory, and often spends nights out of town. Sometimes when he is gone I long for his cock, and wish he were there to treat me like a real woman.

At times like this I can’t help but masturbate myself to a series of fantastic orgasms that I take great pride in telling him about later. Telling him all about the action he missed gets him even more excited than usual, and the sex that follows is always better than usual.

The feeling usually hits me in the afternoon while I am still at work. Though I have a suit-and-tie job I can take a little time to relax and unwind. I have a little trick that no one knows about. I tell my assistant that I have a conference call, and proceed to lock the office door. No one else can pick up my line while I am on it, so I never worry about being discovered. I pick up the phone and dial the number for the time.

“At the tone, the time will be 3:15 and 30 seconds……..beep”

The service is timed and will only let me stay on for 30 minutes, which is more than enough time to get the job done.

I start by kicking off my shoes and taking off my jacket. Wearing a jacket is both a blessing and a curse. It is cumbersome and annoying at times, but after I have had a good office stroke it is a great way to cover up my hard nipples as I head for the bathroom to freshen up.

My office is on the 12th floor of a building that faces the mountains. They are beautiful throughout the year, and are a great focal point as I start my session. I turn the volume down on the phone so that I can barely hear, knowing that no one else can.

I have a cushy leather chair that reclines just enough, and does not make any noise as I move around in it. It feels so good against my bare skin.

I am 5’2″ tall with medium length auburn hair that I let hang straight down my back, dark green eyes, and a killer smile that melts mens’ hearts instantly. My breasts are 36C, which for someone my height is a pretty good size. I have a small waist and a nicely rounded butt. I am mostly Hispanic, with a little Caucasian thrown in for accent. I never wear panties, since they always seem to get in the way.

Once my shoes are off I close my eyes and run my fingers through my hair. I love the feeling of fingers running through my hair, and could spend hours in bed while my husband did nothing but this. I imagine my husband running his fingers through my hair, massaging my neck, and caressing my earlobes. I love to have my ears rubbed.

As I massage myself I can feel my nipples getting hard. I have small nipples, considering the size of my breasts, but there are pink and easily hardened. I love to run my palm across the tops of the nipples one at a time. This sends an electric sensation all over my breasts, which usually makes me breathe harder.

I untuck my blouse so that I can get to my breasts, and unhook my bra in the back. They are full and round, and the light brown color seems to darken as I get more and more aroused.

I run my palms over my breasts, and lightly rub my nipples between my thumb and my forefinger. By now the nipples are rock hard and about an inch long. My breathing has deepened, and I can feel myself getting damp between my legs.

I look down at my nipples and my smooth flat stomach as I run my hand across my stomach from side to side. The feeling is so good that once I’ve gotten this far I can never stop.

With my hair draped over the back of the chair and my body slouching in the chair I am ready to explore my inner thighs. I hike the skirt so that I can see my thick mound of pubic hair. Crotchless pantyhose offer great access, and are great for people like me who enjoy a quickie once in a while. I like to keep my bush thick on top and shaved between my legs. This gives my lover better access as he eats my pussy, as he does so expertly.

I can smell the scent of sex as I spread my legs and gently run my red fingernails across the insides of my thighs. I press just hard enough to feel it without leaving a mark. With my right hand I lift my right leg over the arm of the chair, and give my nipples another rub.

A gentle sigh escapes my lips as I touch myself between my legs for the first time. I don’t like to dive right in, instead I run my right forefinger around the outside of my pussy lips, being careful not to touch them directly….not just yet.

By now my clit has engorged and has emerged from just underneath my pussy lips. I have a large clit, which is very sensitive and very erotic. I love to ride my husband cowgirl style as he fingers my clit. This always makes me cum and cum and cum again.

I give a fleeting touch to my clit and feel my legs twitch with excitement. I love to tease myself this way, but not too much. I run my finger slowly up and down the big outer pussy lips, feeling their heat. I rub one between my thumb and forefinger, and marvel at how thick and moist it gets when I do this. I make sure to give each lip adequate attention, while I grip the hair on the top of my head gently with my other hand.

By now my pussy has begun to drip, and I use a drop to moisten my clit for the first time. I use two fingers on my clit to press in firmly against my pelvic bone, just like when my lover presses his weight on me as the fills me with his cock. This feeling is astounding, and I let a small moan escape my lips.

“Mmmmmm, oooooohhhhhhhh” as I feel the damp heat between my legs. My clit is alive and throbs with passion. I slide a finger into my pussy, into the tight, hot, wetness. I can feel my legs trembling, and know that I have to make myself cum soon.

I slide down further in the chair so that my feet are on the floor, and spread my knees as far apart as I can. I make sure my skirt is hiked up far enough so that I don’t get it wet. With my left hand I cup and squeeze my breast as my right hand goes to work on my clit. I press it hard into my pussy, and rub up and down, letting the pressure send bolts of pleasure throughout my entire body.

“God, oh god, ohhhhh” the pleasure is too much as I lift my left arm to the top of the chair and grip it hard. My rubbing pace quickens, and I pause briefly to acquire some lube from my wet pussy. Two fingers in, deep as they will go, and then right back on my clit.

A slippery sound comes from my pussy as I rub up and down, up and down, up and down. “oooooooooooooohhhhhhhh” is the small, almost silent noise that comes next as I tighten my grip on the chair. I rub my clit hard, and notice that the pubic hair is starting to get wet from sweat and pussy juice. I can feel the release coming.

I close my eyes and picture my lover’s cock entering my pussy slowly, but powerfully. I take three fingers and offer them into my pussy hard and fast. One quick motion. All the way in…..all the way out…..all the way in…..all the way out.

I am ready to cum. I bite my lipsticked lip hard as I spiral towards the cum. My eyes are clenched tight, my breathing is almost spastic, and I am bucking against my fingers as they rub my clit.

I can feel it start from below my calves. The sensation starts there, moves slowly towards my pussy, and then overwhelms my entire body.

“Mmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm,” I cry like a woman being fucked hard and fast. My hand is moving furiously up and down all along the length of my pussy lips, paying attention to hard pressure at the top on my throbbing clit.

I whisper to myself as I throw my head back, “I’mmmm, cuuuuuuuummminnnnng, ooooohhhhh” as I stop stroking and press my hand hard against my clit. I press three fingers directly on my clit as hard as I can, and use my other two fingers to spread my lips wide. I can hear my pussy pucker open and closed as it contracts in a fantastic orgasm.

Pussy juice is running down my ass, and I move my other hand down to gather it and lube two fingers as I slowly insert them into my pussy. I move in and out slowly as I release the pressure on my clit and the orgasm subsides. My legs tremble and my fingers ache, but the feeling between my legs is exquisite.

I leave my two fingers in my pussy and close my legs around them. The internal sensation is intense, and sometimes causes me to masturbate again.

When the mood strikes me I can usually cum faster the second time by moving to the window and placing my heels against the glass. I spread my legs wide, and finger-fuck myself as I rub my clit hard again. I pound myself harder and harder until the fire in my pussy is quenched with a strong, throbbing orgasm that clenches my fingers tightly and causes me to lose my breath.

As I close my legs my body feels spent, but I know that I have to freshen up. I reach for a couple of tissue to tidy up, run a brush through my hair, don my jacket, and head for the ladies room. Before I go I give them room a quick shot of the air freshener I keep in my desk to cover the smell of sex.

My husband will love this tale of passionate sex, and I imagine I’ll get a good fucking after I am done. I guess it must be the best of both worlds; getting paid while masturbating, and getting rewarded when I tell someone about it.

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