Erotic Story: Good Morning My Love 3

Short erotic StoryWritten By: Benjamin Sky
An erotic short, written with love.

As I lay in bed, in the world halfway between dreamland and reality, there you are lying beside me. When I open my eyes, I see your face. Your eyes looking directly into mine, and your face transformed into the beautiful smile. We do not speak, for this might break the spell. We move closer together, both naked between the sheets.

My hand reaches out and meets yours. My fingers are tracing the tips of yours. It is electric. It seems as if sparks fly between our fingertips. Our fingers trace down each other’s arm, leaving sparks along the way. My fingers trace from your arm to your breast and you shiver a little from my touch. It encircles your nipple and your nipple becomes firm. It traces down your stomach and down your outer thigh.

Then it travels up the back of your leg and lingers to trace circles on your cheek. Your breathing becomes deep and steady, and your hands are exploring me. My hand now continues up to the small of your back, and pulls you closer yet.

Our bodies touch for the first time, and we feel the fire from our heads to our toes. Our lips meet and I can feel your hunger as you can feel mine. Hungry kisses pushing all other thoughts aside. Our tongues meet explore with an unquenchable thirst. You can feel my need growing against your thigh. You reach down and wrap your fingers around and my need comes to full attention.

My mouth leaves yours and travels to your neck leaving tender kisses in its wake. I continue down and begin to trace circles around your breasts with my tongue. As my tongue reaches your nipple, I roll you onto your back, and suspend myself over you, knees between yours, elbows beside your chest. As I nurse upon your breasts, my desire dangles between your legs. Gently brushing the place it calls home.

Your hips begin to rock in a slow rhythmic dance, gently massaging my need. Now my hungry mouth is traveling down, it finds your belly button and my tongue begins to explore its depths. You wiggle underneath me and giggle with delight and my tongue continues to tickle you, seemingly with no end in sight. When you can stand it no more, you grasp my head and push it further yet. My lips brush yours, they are swollen and needy. My tongue traces their form, gently flicking along the way. Then it parts them ever so slightly and continues to explore.

Now you are pulling my head closer, crushing my lips upon your flower. My tongue is plunging deeper into your soft folds. I drink from your fountain as your juices flow hot and sweet. When we can stand it no longer, I move up again till my need is brushing gently against your flower. I feel you shudder beneath me and know that you are ready.
My tongue parts your lips as my desire parts your other lips. I enter with just my head, and I linger, all the while exploring your tongue with mine. You reach behind me and pull me in. My need now fully engulfed by yours feels like it is on fire. I start with long slow strokes. Your hips rise to meet mine with each one. As you moan softly, my frequency increases. The intensity grows and you can hear the slap of skin as we part and meet.

Your moans become louder to match our intensity. Faster and faster, our hips become a blur. You clutch your arms around me shuddering from head to toe as my body becomes rigid and I drive even deeper for this final stroke. Waves of release wash over us I empty inside my home. Our bodies relax well spent, as we lay side by side panting from our love.

We close our eyes once again and hear you breathing softly beside me. Sleep once again overtakes us, happy and content.

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3 thoughts on “Erotic Story: Good Morning My Love

  1. Reply ashley carr Nov 20,2014 9:31 pm

    I loved the story so much it was really good.

    • Reply Benjamin Sky Nov 23,2014 7:35 pm

      I am glad you enjoyed my story! Sadly, it was written for a girl that is no longer with me….

      -Benjamin Sky

  2. Reply benjamin sky Nov 22,2014 6:50 pm

    the story was really great, thank you i know when i am ready i hate to wait. xxxx deb.

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