Erotic Story: Fantasies Fullfilled, INC (Chapter One) 1

Erotic-StoryWritten by: Jenne & EAW
Jenne clicked the blinking “Letter” icon indicating that she had mail. She scanned the list of messages, her heart fluttering with worried anticipation as she located the two that she’d been looking for. One was entitled “Instructions”, the other, “Your Fantasy”, and she shook her head, a slight smile hidden behind her outward concern as she thought about the questionnaire. She glanced around her, making sure nobody in the office was watching.

“FANTASIES FULFILLED” was the name of the company behind the e-mail. A total stranger that she’d met on the Internet had referred Jenne to them. She had playfully filled out the questionnaire as a sort of “erotic exercise”, not believing for a moment that anything would actually come of it. He’d told her that she’d been so nice to chat with, that he would take care of any fees necessary if she really wanted to pursue it. She hadn’t spoken to him before that night, and she hadn’t been contacted by “him” since. But he’d forwarded the questionnaire and told her that if she “wanted her deepest fantasy fulfilled” that she should just fill out the form and send it back.

The questions they’d asked were … explicit and intimate” to put it mildly and she’d almost forgotten that she’d completed it … until strange e-mails had begun to arrive in her in-box. Jenne had tried to research “FANTASIES FULFILLED” to see if they were legit, but couldn’t find any indication that they actually existed. She still hadn’t believed it was real, imagining some poor wretch at home, sending erotic questions out to strangers, so, she’d played along. It wasn’t until the “incident” in her room, that she’d become concerned, … aware that she was in over her head.

Until the afternoon of the “incident,” Jenne had thought the whole thing was a joke. It had been a good day at work and she’d knocked off a bit early … one of the benefits of consulting and being your own boss. Upon arriving at her flat, she’d been greeted by a large, brown and white, stuffed teddy-bear with a string of multicolored balloons attached to one paw. She was delighted, searching him for a card. Finding none, she had simply scooped him up and deposited him in the large recliner in her bedroom. Jenne smiled at the bear, unbuttoning her blouse. She kicked her heels into the closet, peeling the blouse off her shoulders, revealing a lacy white push-up bra. The swell of her tits was lovely and the fabric barely hid the soft pink flesh of her nipples.

Jenne was a very sexy woman. Her business was going well and she dealt with a great many men during the course of her day. Her current project was setting up a system to guard her new client’s business against internet security hazards. She usually tried to dress conservatively, knowing that sometimes, her beauty could be distracting, but sexy underwear wasn’t against the rules. She unzipped her skirt, sliding it over her full, curvaceous hips. Jenne was tall and blonde, with a full, round, curvaceous figure. Her face was classically beautiful with perfect bone structure and soft, milky-white skin. She stood lost in thought, glancing at “Teddy” seated in his chair. “I wonder who could have sent that?” she wondered. She slid her hose to the floor, exposing her naked bottom and perfectly trimmed column of golden brown pubic hair. Nude, except for her bra, she stretched, admiring her long, lean legs, the curls of her trimmed bush inviting and erotic. Feeling naughty, she reached between her legs, her searching fingers spreading the moistening folds of her pussy.

“You’re getting quite a show for the first date, Mr. Bear!” she giggled.

Unhooking her bra, Jenne dipped her fingers under the thin lace of her bra, the cool air of the room hitting her naked breasts as she peeled it off. She twisted her nipples and the gentle pink aureola puckered, obediently responding to her expert handling. “Mmmmnnnn.” She cooed, sinking back onto the bed. All this thought of fantasies had her rather excited. The topic of the last e-mail had been questioning her masturbation habits and Jenne had found it to be rather exhilarating. She almost always fondled herself to orgasm after work and today was going to be no exception. She was sure that “FANTASIES FULFILLED” was really some poor nerd, anxiously waiting for her to respond … so she’d complied. In reality, the thought that she could have that type of erotic effect on someone was a turn-on all by itself.

Jenne lifted her head as she swept her curls across the pillow. She closed her eyes, caressing her cheeks and neck, embracing the sensation … her legs open, her brazen nakedness fueling her arousal. She gently ran her fingers down over her bare collarbones, the light dance of her manicured fingers sending light chills of pleasure through her body. Jenne drew her knees up, loving the cool feel of the bed against her naked skin. She spread her legs wider, the cool air kissing over her moistening pussy. She drew her fingernails lovingly over her tits, the nipples tight and erect as they pointed to the ceiling alluringly. Jenne rubbed her breasts, cupping them, twirling and pinching her nipples between her fingers. She smoothed her palms flat over her stomach, feeling the soft, smooth skin yielding to her touch as her fingertips travelled ever closer to her pink treasure. She caressed her thighs, grazing her pussy as she passed over it, spreading her eager pussy-lips as she prepared to pleasure herself. Finally, she touched her pussy, a shiver escaping her, her breasts bobbing gently as she quivered. “MMmmnnn”, she sighed, rubbing the pearl of her clit with the glistening moisture of her wet pussy. Moments later, she brought herself to climax, her hips bucking gently as she fantasized about the mystery man sending her e-mails. She imagined him, reclining on his bed, his hardened cock in his hand, feverishly stroking his erection. In her mind, she could see the tip twitching, the muscles of his stomach tightening, his curly hair flying, culminating finally in an explosion of sticky white cum spurting into the air, coming to rest on his stomach and chest. She rubbed her aching pussy. God, I could use a man right now she thought. She imagined “him”, stroking himself as cum spilled from the tip of his cock, cascading over his hand, spilling onto his wrist and arm as he flushed red with passion. Jenne shivered once more, the last of her orgasm fading, the tingling in her pussy remaining. She reached over, dragging the comforter over her naked frame, her satisfied body drifting off into an erotic doze.

Jenne awoke less than an hour later with the apprehension that she was being watched. She sat up, the comforter falling back, her tits hanging sexily. She listened intently. Finally, convinced that nobody was in her flat, without dressing, she went to her computer. Jenne had mail waiting.

Clicking the letter icon, she spied a lone message from “FANTASIES FULFILLED” entitled “Masturbation Pictures”. Concerned, she clicked on the attachment. There were 10 photos in all and they were all of Jenne. The first two were full body shots … one, showing her peeling off her blouse, her ample breasts pressing against her bra. The next one featuring her hose around her ankles, the subtle outline of her pubic hair obvious as she smiled at the camera. “Where the Hell did these come from? She panicked, instinctively covering her nakedness as she stared … riveted to the screen. The rest of the pictures were an explicit collection of Jenne, fondling herself, the final one clearly showing her face as she climaxed, her fingers buried deeply inside her pussy.

Jenne was mortified as erratic thoughts raced through her mind. She couldn’t imagine where these could have come from. She scrolled past the final picture and spied a caption underneath.

“Looking forward to fulfilling your fantasy. We’ll be watching.”

Jenne was confused. How could this…? Still naked, she quickly entered the bedroom to dress. Her eyes spied the teddy-bear. She looked back at the computer screen across the room. Those were taken this afternoon! Furious, she grabbed the bear, tearing at the fabric, finally locating a small, camera sewn into his furry tummy. Jenne pulled on a large T-shirt and returned to the computer.

The letter icon was blinking again and Jenne quickly opened it. This message simply said …

“For your information …”

She couldn’t believe her eyes. The message was addressed to the Chairman of the Board at the company Jenne was working with. Jenne was one of dozens of “C.C.’s” attached to this message. As far as she could tell, these pictures had been forwarded to almost every e-mail address that the company had!

“Oh my God! Oh no, no no… ” she repeated aloud, her fear and revulsion overwhelming her, tears of embarrassment welling in her beautiful blue-grey eyes. She absently clicked the picture file again. “Oh, no, … oh, fuck …” She focused through her tears as the photo clicked into place. These were the same pictures, but with her face blurred. Her panic turned to anger as she realised that with a little luck, nobody would recognise her. Then, her anger turned to terror as she realised that whoever “FANTASIES FULFILLED” was … she was in much too deep. And she seemed to be totally at their mercy.

After this incident, Jenne had tried to contact the sender of the e-mails. But, all her attempts came back marked “undeliverable”. Her next few days at work were extremely nerve-racking, since the photos were the talk of the company. Thankfully, everyone assumed that they were simply pornography from the Internet. The idea that the subject was actually somebody from the company never seemed to cross anyone’s mind. Still, each time Jenne walked into a room, she couldn’t help but be afraid that someone would recognize her. At this point, all Jenne could do was wait for further instructions. And when a new message appeared, she couldn’t help but feel a mixture of fear and arousal. This “Fantasy company” had gotten her attention. Either way, she now treated correspondence from them with a new respect.

Back in the office, her thoughts turned back to the questionnaire. She had signed off permission waivers, and the frightening thing was that she had mentioned a great many of her desires and daydreams. But she had no idea which fantasy this company had chosen. She had no name to contact, no idea who could be involved, … and absolutely, no way to stop it once it started.

She clicked on “Your Fantasy.” The screen flickered and the message opened. She scrolled down and her heart skipped a beat as she read what was written below. It simply said…

“Your Fantasy has Begun.” -End

Her heart pounding with fear and anticipation, she clicked on the one marked, “Instructions.”

Chapter 2

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