Erotic Story: Fantasies Fullfilled, INC (Chapter 7)

Fantasies-FullfiledWritten By: Jenne & EAW
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“My, my Jenne what a change. Cock, do you want cock? Tell me that you want fucking by all these men.” She glared at him. Was this part of the game he was playing? “Tell me. I want to hear you beg.”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She wanted them now … needed them. The air was heavy with the scent of sex and she really needed a release. Despite herself, she spoke the words.

“Yes I want them, I want them now, pleeeese”

“Louder, please.”

Jenne repeated the plea once more. She had never had to beg for sex before, but she was desperate for the release now. If this meant she would get it, then she would beg and beg. Ed turned and sent some signal to the men. He bent forward and gently whispered in her ear.

“You wish is my command, sweet one.”

Suddenly it began to click into place … to make perfect sense. This was her fantasy … or at least one of them. Ed was in charge. He was orchestrating the whole thing for her pleasure, but it seemed that he was achieving his own as he watched her reactions.

The men moved forward once more and time seemed to slow to a stop. It seemed like they all converged on her at once. She was pulled to a standing position and it seemed that their hands were all over her … fondling her breasts … between her legs … parting the cheeks of her ass. Jenne gasped as one man sucked her nipple into his mouth, roughly teasing it between his teeth. At the same time, another man dropped his pants to the floor, stepping out of them, his enormous erection pointing to the sky. He took her right hand by the wrist, wrapping her fingers around his cock. Jenne took his cue and wildly jerked him off, while another man put his head between her legs to taste her. Her attention turned to the tongue between her legs as her left hand was put to work on another shorter, thicker penis. Jenne couldn’t believe what was happening and as she looked at the man on her left, she began to shudder with the work of the tongue in her pussy. Someone turned her head away, kissing her roughly and she felt warmth on her right hip. She pulled away from the kiss and realized that she’d been splattered with cum, the cock in her hand twitching as it spurted the remains over the back of her hand.

Jenne was being mauled now, and with several men around her, several between her legs, she stumbled slightly. As if on cue, Jenne felt herself being lifted. She was pulled onto the table, her arms and legs pulled in different directions. She was helpless and they all wanted a piece of her now. Jenne wildly looked around, her eyes falling on Ed. He sat back, fully clothed, watching. Jenne wanted him more than any or all of the others, and yet, he watched … holding court, controlling the situation so that it couldn’t get out of control. The others proceeded, stripping out of their clothing as she was overwhelmed by the rest.

Jenne’s legs were spread wide and several men continued to lap at her sopping pussy. Jenne moaned with desire as she jerked men off with both hands, only stopping when she felt the warm rush of wet, sticky cum spurt onto her. Finally, someone stepped forward, his hard, thick erection at the ready. Men moved aside and he plunged his throbbing penis into her trembling cunt.

“Ooohhhhhhhhh!” She screamed, her body jerking and spasming with the feeling. She clenched his penis with her legs and he pumped her madly, finally groaning with pleasure, pumping his seed inside her. He withdrew and before she could even stop tingling, his cock was replaced by another. Jenne moaned and spread her legs wider, her pussy throbbing, the semen inside her making the entry even wetter for the next man. In moments, he came also, spurting his load inside, then jerking his cock off, spurting the rest over her pubic hair and lower stomach. Jenne’s head was turned and someone thrust their cock into her mouth, she sucked hard as he fucked her mouth. At the same time, someone else began to enter her now swollen pussy, the cum and sweat covering her body. Simultaneously, they both came, and Jenne choked a little as she tried to swallow the whole load, some of it spilling from her beautiful lips and smearing onto her chin. The man between her legs flushed red and moaned a low growl as he violently came, spraying his cum all over her stomach and tits.

Jenne was covered with the remnants of these men’s desire and her pussy was practically dripping with the wet, sticky cum. They turned her onto her side now, her legs scissored open to expose her pussy and tight, lovely ass. She was vaguely aware of what was going to happen, but before she could prepare herself, she felt her cheeks being spread. Thankfully, the man who entered her asshole was long and thin. Jenne screamed in pain/pleasure as he drove his cock inside her. Jenne tried to relax her bottom and when she did, the sensation was almost delicious in it’s wickedness. He pounded at her until he also spurted his load, the warmth welcome to her as it coated his long thin member.

The reprieve was short however as she was again assaulted from behind. This cock was larger, but her ass was slick with the previous man’s seed and that made it easier for her to take. There was another cock in her face and she opened her mouth, tasting her own juices on it. Whoever her was, he was back for seconds. Jenne looked for Ed as she sucked this man’s cock and finally spied him in his chair watching. Their eyes met and Jenne thought she saw a bit of sadness in his eyes. Her body was a plaything for these men … and as much control as he had exhibited, Ed had never treated her as a plaything.

Jenne choked slightly, swallowing the load of cum as it spurted into her mouth. The fury and wild pace of the scene seemed to calm a bit and although she was still being fondled by four or five men at a time, they seemed to be slowing down. Jenne was entered anally by a third man, the dark ring of her ass slippery with the slippery leftovers of the men before him. At the same time, Jenne was sucking yet another cock as she jerked off a third man. Jenne could sense movement in the corner of the room as she felt the man in her hands cum. He spurted his stream of sex over her breasts as she smeared it back over his inflamed penis. The man in her mouth began to twitch and she knew he was close. At the last minute, he pulled out of her and sprayed his load across her cheek and into her tousled blonde hair. As if in a dream, she felt the man behind her groan and he too let go, his load filling her asshole.

Suddenly, it was over.

Jenne lay sprawled on the conference table, her legs open, white mess spilling from her private areas. She rolled slightly, her breasts smeared with drops of stickiness, her hair matted, her eyes locking on Ed’s. He stood among the men as they hurriedly dressed. As she watched them, her body sore and exhausted, she realised. Ed had stopped it. He had been in control all along and when he had deemed it to be enough, he had simply called it off. He murmured directions to the men as they quietly and hurriedly finished dressing.

The first of them finished dressing and he headed to his seat, picking up his things. He approached Jenne on his way to the door. She was utterly without energy and she was powerless as he approach. He leaned over her, gently kissing her temple.

“Thank you.” He whispered. “I vote for your innocence.”

Jenne smiled meekly and another man again took his place. He too kissed her, thanking her and professing her innocence. They filed out. One by one … all thanking her with a soft kiss, … all voting for her innocence. Finally, only Ed was left. Jenne was so tired. He stood over her … his strong fingers touching her cheek. Jenne rolled onto her back, her eyelids fluttering. Ed reached down and scooped her beautiful, naked frame into his arms. Jenne nuzzled against him, totally spent, feeling safe for the first time since this whole affair had begun days before. Her eyes closed … her body giving way to the slumber it required.

Jenne stirred, her naked body coy and snug beneath the covers. Her eyes adjusted to the light and she was amazed to see morning light streaming through the window. “God, what time is it? What DAY is it?” she wondered.

“Good morning, Beautiful.”

Ed sat comfortably in the large armchair beside her bed. He smiled lovingly at her as she stretched. Her body was a little sore, and she felt a bit tender between her thighs, but she was clean and rested.

“How did I get here?” She asked him.

Ed grinned. “Don’t you remember? Don’t you remember me bringing you home? Cleaning you up?”

Jenne paused, thinking hard. She did remember now. Flashes of things, really. She remembered the bath, being soaped up, the soft warm bubbles kissing her sticky, used skin. Yes, it was coming back now. She recalled Ed brushing and drying her hair, then tucking her into bed. She smiled and nodded at him.

“Yes, I remember now. You tucked me in.” She looked into his green-blue eyes. “You rubbed and stroked my hair until I fell asleep. Have you been here all night?”

He nodded, touching her cheek. “What did you think? Did you live your fantasy?”

Jenne paused, her thoughts swimming as she propped up on her elbow, the covers falling away, her tits dangling tantalisingly. “Yes, … and No.” She replied.

Ed frowned, puzzled. “What did I do wrong? What did you want that you didn’t experience?”

Jenne gazed into Ed’s eyes. “I want you.” She explained. ” I want to feel you fuck me with all the passion and ferocity that you can.” She begged. “Please, … will you make love to me?”

Without a word, Ed leaned forward. His lips tenderly met hers, the sweetness of her taste overwhelming him. Jenne closed her eyes as the emotion of the moment washed over her. She could smell the faint fragrance of his after-shave and she ran her fingers through the soft, curls of his hair. Ed took her into his arms … her naked frame delicate and soft in his grasp. He kissed her firmly, holding her to him. Tenderly he placed her back onto the bed and began to explore the crevices of her body once more. Gently he began to kiss her, sliding down to the bed till he reached her toes. He picked her foot up and placed each individual digit, one by one, between his tender lips. She squirmed with pleasure as he slowly worked his tongue over her entire body. He carefully avoided her moist inner thighs, then worked on her stomach, his touch so delicate that it was barely tangible. Jenne sensed every lick, every caress that his tongue afforded her body. Again, he avoided her breasts working carefully over the skin that surrounded them, but never quite reaching the spot that would release Jenne from the misery and ecstasy that had now become rolled into the same set of emotions. She strained for more, rising to meet his touch, desperate for him now. Ed turned her over and began the process once again. This time, he started at her neck and moved downward. Again, he avoided her thighs, but he did separate the cheeks of her bottom and she felt his tongue dart in and out, around her tight, tender asshole. She moaned as he touched the delicate skin, trying to push against him, but he immediately moved further down her body. Again, he reached her feet and again he sucked her toes slowly, one by one. The action was exquisite and it inflamed her body to such a pitch that she had to have him inside her.

As Ed sucked the last digit, she all but kicked him off her, so desperate for him was she now. Jenne pushed him back onto the floor and sat over him, his cock poised and ready to enter her. She slowly eased herself gently onto him, wanting him, but she also wanted to savor this moment. She had thought of little else for the last 2 days and now the moment was here. Jenne felt him inside her as she pushed him deeper into her moist, warm pussy. Ed reached forward as she crouched over him and began to massage her nipples as she sunk still deeper, the juice of her sopping pussy running between her legs. She wanted him, needed him, reveled in him once more. They became lost in each other and nothing else mattered but this moment. They allowed the feeling to wash over them. Firmly, Ed’s hips rose to meet Jenne’s thrusts as she took all that he had to offer deep inside her. She wanted every inch of this man and so, harder and deeper she pushed, until she had him all inside. She felt his hardness within her as she gave herself completely to him.

He suddenly took charge once more, maneuvering her into the missionary position. She didn’t resist his movements, although she had enjoyed the depth that the previous position had afford her as she had straddled his torso. Now, Ed began to thrust once more into her soft moist pussy. Jenne wrapped her legs around his waist and met each thrust with her own, as they looked deep into the other’s eyes … each one sensing what the other was thinking. He thrust harder and deeper, taking her to new heights of pleasure with each entrance. She felt him begin to twitch and her own muscles contracted around his hot, slippery cock. This caused him to tip over the edge and his silky sperm gushed into her pussy in one tremendous spurt. She felt it as the milky white substance filled her, and as it hit her inner walls, she too reached orgasm. Her muscles pulsed against his cock … never wanting to let it go.

They lay exhausted for a while, Jenne feeling safe in Ed’s arms once more and she held him close … never wanting to leave him, not wanting him to pull out of her. He raised his head and kissed her tenderly once more. His eyes said everything that needed to be said. They smouldered and burned into hers once more. The warmth that they portrayed now such a contrast to when she had first encountered him only a day or so before.

Jenne rolled over on top of Ed, her breasts against his chest. “So, do I still have my job?”

Ed smiled. “There is no company. It was all fabricated for the benefit of your fantasy. You’ll receive a check in the mail to compensate you for the work you did. But, I actually work for “FANTASIES FULFILLED”, I’m not the Chairman that I played out to be.”

Jenne was stunned. “It was all a game?”

“A Fantasy.” Ed corrected gently. “And I have a proposition … if you’re interested. ”

“I’m VERY interested.” Jenne retorted.

I need a protege, a person to help me plan and execute fantasies for others. I’ve become very attached to you. Would you consider working along side me?” Ed grinned. “I’m not sure I’m ready to give you up quite yet.”

Jenne laid her head on his chest, her arms around him, barely able to contain her joy at the proposal. “Well, I think we make a pretty good team, so … I’d LOVE to!” She reached under the covers, her fingers encircling his cock, her magic, knowing touch awakening his urges.

Ed kissed her forehead, his cock beginning to grow harder. He smiled at this talented and beautiful woman, aware that his life had just changed dramatically in a moment.

“After all, … ” Jenne continued. “There are still a few fantasies on that questionnaire that we haven’t gotten to yet.”


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