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Office blow jobWritten By: Jenne and EAW

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Jenne kicked the heels from her feet and moved closer, holding his eyes with hers as she did so. She wanted him now. She wanted to feel his body crushed against her naked form. She drew on all her reserves as she dropped down and knelt in front of this wonderfully, powerful man. She reached forward and tentatively touched his chest. She no longer feared him. She wanted him … and he wanted her. But at this moment in time, she felt as though she was in control. She traced her fingertips over his muscular chest enjoying the feel of the cotton fabric of his shirt under her fingers, beginning to unbutton his shirt. As she revealed the tanned flesh beneath it, she allowed her breasts to brush against his bare skin. Her nipples stood to attention and she immediately forgot the burning, tingling sensation that still invaded her bottom. She began to kiss his firm chest. She used her tongue trailing over the flesh as a snail would a tasty tender young plant. Reaching his belly button, she toyed with it for awhile. Kissing and caressing it. Occasionally blowing warm air over his chest, then licking the area. From the moans that were coming from Ed, she was doing OK.

As she continued to use her tongue to toy with him, Jenne allowed her hands to wander. First, she felt his thick, manly thighs, her hands gliding over the fabric of his suit. She reached his groin and she gasped as she released just how big the bulge in his trousers actually was. Gently, she began to explore. He moaned as she did so and she sighed, wanting him now more than ever. She undid the zipper on his trousers and began to explore their contents. Feeling the smooth surface of his silk shorts, she slid her hand over them. He dropped his pants down over his legs now. Jenne knew he wanted her now … she could feel the urgency in his actions. She was in the driving seat now, and she was damned if he was going to change that. The thought drove her on. She freed his cock from his shorts, but not before she had teased it a little through the smooth fabric. Her tongue gravitated toward the area of it’s own free will and she tasted him through the material first … the smoothness of the fabric contrasting beautifully against the hard, heated object that it concealed. She began to tug at the material, pulling them down … wanting to touch … to taste his cock. As the material surrendered to her efforts and slid over his thighs, his cock sprung forward. She delightedly jumped as it did so; it was definitely larger than she had thought.

Her tongue reached forward, touching the liquid that glistened from its tip. The taste was delicious and her taste buds tried to make sense of it … slightly salty but with it’s own delicate sweetness. She began to lick it as she would a lollipop. Relishing the taste, the smell. She wanted to make him come now, but at her pace, not his. She placed her lips around his cock. It pulsed as she began to feed it into her mouth. Taking it slowly, feeling every inch slide through her lips. She felt every vein, every ridge, as she began to pump it slowly. She reached up and searched for her panties, using them to massage his balls as she continued to suck his cock. Her tongue circled the head of his cock as she pumped it deeper into her throat, swallowing as much as she could. She brought her hand that contained the panties up and encircled his cock with them as she continued to take his cock into her mouth. She felt him twitch inside her wet, warm, mouth and instinctively knew he would not last much longer. He was watching, she knew that. She buried her head and began to lick his balls as she massaged his cock with her panty filled hand. Harder and harder, faster and faster, she pumped and licked. Finally, he lost it; he let out a long, low groan as his cock erupted releasing his hot, salty seed all over her panties and her face. She licked at the liquid as it hit her skin. He produced a lot more than most of the men she had been with in the past, and she liked that. In moments, her panties were soaked in the liquid that he had just produced.

He raised her to him gently, caressing her in his arms as he did so. The gentleness he now displayed was a complete contrast to the man who had disciplined her earlier. She felt safe, comfortable … even cherished, as she lay in his arms. Then, just as quickly, her apprehension returned as he ordered her to stand once more.

“Now, Jenne the panties, if you please.”

She remembered his words … “you must wear them.” She placed the sodden panties gingerly over her legs; they felt strange now, damp but nice. Jenne could feel his cum smearing all over her most restricted, most private areas … and it excited her. It was an intimate and forbidden secret … one shared only with Ed.

” Very good, …that was very good, ” he smiled at her as he uttered the words.

His eyes melted her once more. His passion smouldered and burnt through her, his affection obvious, as he appeared to study her again. They dressed and Jenne wondered … what next? What did this man have planned for her now?

Jenne awoke the next morning to a persistent knocking at her door. She glanced at the clock by her bed and muttered to herself as she wrapped a robe around her. Who the hell is that at 5:00 in the morning? When she opened the door, she discovered another package waiting for her on the doorstep. Looking around carefully, she gathered it in and returned to her bedroom.

Jenne had arrived home the night before confused. After their last encounter, Ed had simply said “good night” and left. He had indicated that the independent company had just finished their study and the report would be on his desk at 8AM the next morning. He reminded her that her presentation was at 10AM and that he would expect her to be in “her office” at 8AM sharp. “I’ll inform you of their findings prior to your presentation … if it is needed at all.” He’d said. Then, with a very tender kiss, he’d been gone.

She’d gone directly to her computer upon arriving home and had been frustrated to see that her in-box was empty. What was she supposed to do next? She’d kept the computer on all evening, anticipating some type of instruction or message. Finally, as the evening wore on, her thoughts were caught up with other things, and she’d fallen into bed, eagerly and a bit worriedly anticipating the next day’s events

Now, as she unwrapped the package, she found her proposed outfit for the day. It was a fabulous Royal-Blue business suit. The jacket was cut perfectly for a woman of her size and she was not surprised to see that the skirt was just as short as the one she’d been given the previous day. There was also a pair of heels included and she slipped one on, anticipating and correctly assuming that they’d fit perfectly. She shook her head. “How do they know my sizes so well? Hell, even I have to try on a couple pairs before I find some that fit like this!” She mused.

Jenne continued to root around in the box and discovered another silk blouse as beautiful as the one from the previous day. This only real difference was that this one was a very sheer, delicate, and elegant ivory color. Directly underneath was a matching camisole, some beautiful, and very tiny, silk panties and a pair of ivory hued stockings. Jenne’s fingertips absently caressed the stockings as she took in the elegant sexiness of the outfit. Her thoughts turned to Ed … the feel of his powerful frame, the smell of his skin, the soft curls of his hair … the taste of his cock in her mouth. Jenne smiled a bit nervously. “Well, I guess it’s time to get ready for work.”

Jenne showered and after drying her golden blonde hair, she stood nude in front of her full length mirror. She felt almost embarrassed to admit it, but she liked what she saw. Her skin was smooth and soft and she slowly slipped the ivory stockings onto her naked frame. She tugged them gently, the tops snugly hugging her soft, inner thighs. “No garter belt needed for these.” She smoothed the stockings with a loving touch and admired the contrast of the ivory colour against the soft peach-white of her skin, as well as the golden brown of her pubic hair against the pastel pink of her pussy-lips. She felt incredibly sexy, and she tugged on the tiny silk panties, the slick, cool material barely covering her sex. Then, after rubbing lotion all over body, she pulled the camisole over her head, wondering how it would look without a bra. She grinned a wicked grin, happy she had a jacket. It was an intriguing sight. Her pert, perky breasts were firm and high, the nipples erect against the velvety silk top. Her tits swayed gently as she moved and when she buttoned the blouse over the camisole, she was relieved that it looked rather elegant and feminine … not a bit sleazy. In fact, the soft imprints of her nipples shone slightly and the soft movement of her tits was beautiful in a subtle, intimate way. She stepped into the short, royal-blue skirt and smoothing her blouse, she zipped it up, marveling at the way the colors enhanced and played off of each other. She pulled on the jacket and stepped into the matching heels, growing several inches immediately. The lines of her heels formed an intoxicating shape with the womanly slope of her calves, thighs and hips and the tight, short skirt barely hid the ornate design of the tops of her hose, the delicate design at the top of her thighs peeking out intermittently.

Jenne pulled her hair back, the waves of blonde framing her face. Her steel, blue-grey eyes shined excitedly, as she secured it with a small, light blue hair clip. She felt and looked absolutely stunning and she was ready to meet the rest of the Board. She was confident that all would go well with her presentation and was eager to see what Ed had planned for her after it was over. She grabbed her briefcase, and with her breasts bouncing alluringly, her pussy already warm and moist, she left for the tube station to make her way to the office.

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