Erotic Story: Dream Scapes

masturbation StoryWritten by: Gypsy

I can smell my sex as I feel his finger penetrate my hot pussy. His finger feels so good as he glide’s it in and out, bringing me closer and closer to orgasmic bliss.

I rub on my swollen clit and watch him stroke his rock hard cock with his other hand. My body jerks with one of many pre-orgasmic spasms, as I pinch and roll my nipple bringing me ever closer.

His cock is so big and so hard as his strokes become faster and faster, so does his finger fucking. I raise my hips to meet his thrust and hope he will fuck me.

What is that noise? Not the alarm clock! Over slept again!

Shit, another unfinished dream, and I’ll be late for work again.

My pussy is hot and wet. I put my hand under the cover and finish what was started.

Rubbing my swollen clit to orgasm didn’t take much. I was about to cum when my alarm clock went off. Oh, what a great way to start my day. The only thing is that I have had this same dream for the last three mornings. I am not a dream expert, but I wonder what this recurring wet dream could mean. Besides the obvious……

I find myself wanting to take a nap while I’m at work. I guess I am tired because I fuck all night in my dreams. I guess I’ll take a short nap on my lunch break.

I tell my co-worker about my dreams and she thinks they are happening because I just recently broke up with my boyfriend.

We did have really good sex, so she is probably right.

Finally it’s lunchtime. I’m so tired I’ll probably sleep the whole hour. Patty is going to make sure I get up and don’t sleep to late.

As I start to drift off I recline the drivers seat, and doze. My dream starts again. His cock is so stiff, and hard that it looks purple. He is stroking his cock with his left hand and finger fucking me with his right. He pushes my legs apart and stands between them as he continues jacking off. I really want to lick his cock and suck him off, but I can’t move.

His cock is so beautiful as he gets close to cuming, his precum drips onto my hot pussy while he finger fucks me closer to orgasm. His cock erupts and he coats my pussy with his hot juice rubbing the head of his cock in his warm seed painting my pussy with it.

Oh, God that feels so good. His cock is still hard as he rubs the head of his cock over my clit spreading his cum all over my pussy. My god I am going to cum. He puts more pressure on my clit with the head of his cock and is still stroking my pussy with his fingers.

I want him to fuck me. I want to feel his cock inside me. Stroking me. Giving me orgasmic pleasure. I can’t see his face, and I can’t hear me asking him to fuck me. I want his cock deep inside me. I want to feel him cum inside my aching pussy.

Shit, I hear Patty knocking on my window. Lunch is over. Again I didn’t have orgasm, and I can’t masturbate. Not here anyway. I guess I’ll have to wait until I get home. What a dream!

I tell Patty I had another one. She seems to think I just need to get laid. Maybe she is right. I don’t understand why I can’t see his face. But his cock sure is what I want. Tomorrow is Saturday, so maybe I’ll get to finish my dream to orgasm, and then maybe they will stop.

I feel him sucking on my nipple and pinching the other nipple. I’m so wet. I stroke my clit and can feel his hard cock on my thigh. He is finger fucking me and masturbating his cock and me again. Oh, I want him to fuck me. His cock is turning purple again and he shoots his hot cum on my pussy letting his cock slaps my clit as he throbs his juice on it. I feel him grab my ankles and pull my legs apart as he lifts them to his shoulders. He lets his cock fall from my pussy then guides it to my hot opening. I can hear me begging him to fuck me. I sound like someone else. I am so hot so full of lust. I want him to fuck me so bad. I feel his cock as he rubs it in his cum and slides it inside my pussy.

Oh, God I’m so hot. I raise myself into him and he holds my legs so they won’t slide off his shoulders. He penetrates my pussy slowly until he is completely inside my throbbing pussy. He the starts fucking me, holding my legs and fucking me. So deep so deep so deep.

Um, I don’t know how long he fucks me. I can feel me climaxing over and over. I am so wet. My orgasm’s have mixed our juices together, so he just continues to glide in and out. I can feel my pussy starting to swell some as he continues to penetrate me so deeply and his thrust have started to come harder and harder.

I wake up when the phone rings. I let the answering machine get it. I close my eyes and escape back to my dream hopefully it will start all over again.

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