Erotic Story: Dinner Date

Erotic StoryWritten by: Anonymous
“Damn!” she swore as the doorbell rang and she dropped the tomato in her hand. The kitchen looked like a war zone. There were stains and food stuff everywhere you turned. She herself was covered in a meat sauce and looked none too appetizing. She wiped her hands on her apron and hurried across her hardwood flooring to answer the door, like always Hunter was right on time.

He was leaning on the door frame when she opened it. The sight that greeted him was one he wasn’t likely to forget. Her long dark hair was tied back into a sleek tail, and covered in various spots with flour. Her prim navy suit sans jacket that she had worn to the office that day was barely covered by the apron she had tied around her waist, its original color long ago covered by a mysterious sauce. She was barefoot except for a spot of what looked like cream sauce near her ankle. “Evening Cassidy.”

She smiled, showing perfect white teeth in a perfect smile. She let him in with a hand gesture and stepped to the side to make room. He noticed that her hand was covered in tomato juice. A touch of color rushed up her cheeks. “I’m sorry, I’m no good at this, let’s just go out.” She made as if to remove the apron.

“I’ve an idea, let me cook for you, and you go have a shower and get out of those work clothes. You probably have everything I need.” Hunter examined the counter and realized that she had all the basic necessities for him to make his famous stuffed chicken breasts and wild rice. He even saw all the vegetables he would need for a tossed salad. He turned back toward Cassidy and lowered his piercing blue gaze to meet her warm brown one.

She looked at the counter and ran the possibility through her mind. She knew he was an amazing chef, and she really didn’t feel like going out. After a long day at the office, that shower was looking mighty tempting, and she had to wash all the flour out of her hair. What was she thinking coating the chicken breasts in it? “You have a deal, but I warn you the kitchen looks worse once you get closer.

“I doubt that’s possible.” He winked at her and turned towards the war zone. She looked him over discreetly. Hunter was gorgeous. He was tall, taller than her 5’10, by several inches. His dark hair fell just above his collar and looked like someone had just spent an hour and seventy five bucks on 5th Avenue making it look perfect, Cassidy knew that’s just how it dried after he showered. He had the build of an athlete, even though he worked as a partner in a law firm. He had these broad shoulders snug tonight in a black silk dress shirt, must have come from the office Cassidy thought. Her eyes roamed to his narrow hips that his shoulders tapered to. They looked amazing in the pants he was wearing. Armani, Gucci, Dolce, she couldn’t tell, but they looked expensive. His feet were now only clad in socks as he padded his way across her floor. She took another appreciating look and turned towards her bathroom.

The sun had fully set even before he placed the chicken in the oven. He had heard the shower turn off a while ago, and heard Cassidy tramp into her room to get changed. He had set the table and lit a few vanilla candles that were near the window sill. A warm breeze blew through the window reminding him of the summer that had just gone by. He uncorked the wine that he had brought over and poured two glasses before he stood near the counter in the dim of the candlelight sipping from his. He had just raised the glass to his lips when Cassidy reappeared.

His eyebrow shot up as he scanned her with his eyes. The shower had done wonders, she looked happy and carefree. She had ditched her office attire in favor of a little silk dress. It was a beautiful deep blue; she has chosen it because it was the exact color of his eyes. It was low cut and empire waist, a halter with a full skirt, which she had picked up in Greece during the summer. It hugged her curved body in all the right places. Every time she moved it was with the slightest whisper of fabric. She had felt silly taking so long but the look of appreciation Hunter was giving her made it worth it. When she was getting ready it hit her, she had fallen in love with Hunter Cole.

Her hair lay in loose waves the way it had dried down her back, glinting in the candlelight. She wore no jewelry. She was still barefoot and the breeze from the window gave her goose bumps. He noticed her shiver and offered her the glass of wine to warm her up. Making no indication of moving towards her he forced Cassidy to move across the room towards the counter, which now sparkled in pristine cleanliness. She moved to his outstretched hand and clasped the wine glass in her fingers before taking a deep sip. It was delicious, aged, sweet and fruity, with hints of cranberry. Hunter watched her above his glass. Her skin shone in the candlelight, it looked silky and smooth, he could see each individual goose bump across her collar bone, he longed to plant kisses right along it. He could see Cassidy visibly relax as the wine made its way through her system. Her cheeks bloomed a lush pink color and her eyes took on a different shine. He moved closer as she leaned against the counter with one hip facing away from him towards the window.

His hand was warm when he placed it on her shoulder. She turned her face toward it as he stroked across her collarbone, and down her right side. He moved up behind her and she could feel just how much of an impact her outfit had on him. She moved back into the wall of his body, pressing herself against him. He had long ago placed his glass on an opposite counter and used both hands now to warm her skin. She closed her eyes and placed her empty glass on the counter. He turned her around to face him; they were standing in the kitchen. He saw desire, lust, and wants in her eyes when she looked at him with a mischievous grin on her face. He kissed her passionately then, lifting her feet off the floor. She tasted like the wine and her signature lip-gloss. He kissed her again as he leaned her back against the counter to give her balance, encompassing her between his legs, pressing up against her. Her hands were undoing buttons as his roamed her bare back stroking with feather like tenderness the small of it. She had his shirt undone and off as he began kissing his way across the curve of her throat. His skin looked warm and bronzed under the light of the candles. She placed her lips on his chest and kissed lightly, she felt him shudder. She was starting to feel really hot as his lips roamed her chest above the dress and his hand kneaded her swollen nipples. She could feel them strain against the fabric of the dress since she wore no bra. She didn’t know how much more she could take as his mouth moved back up her collarbone and he captured her mouth again while continuing to work her breasts.

She leaned her head back and undid the halter with her own two hands, allowing the front to fall open. He stopped only momentarily to marvel at her rounded full breasts before attacking them with his mouth. He was rock hard and was having trouble keeping it slow. She tasted like vanilla and smelled of strawberry, every inch he licked he wanted more. Cassidy was just about ready herself; she could feel the moisture seep through her Brazilian lace. He lifted her while still sucking and kissing and placed her on the counter. He stepped between her legs and kissed her again. His hand roamed up her thigh towards the center. His other hand followed. His kisses grew more passionate and more urgent as he reached her panties. He ran a quick finger over the center and could feel the wetness. He grabbed the panties on either side and slid them down her thighs; they slipped onto the tiles and were forgotten.

As his mouth kept her busy above, his hands were moving back towards her below. He moved the dress out of the way and she was practically naked, completely exposed. She hadn’t even noticed lost in the sensations of what he was doing to her breasts. Her head was leaning back and she had braced her hands on the counter. She jolted as he touched her clit, and ran a finger down her length. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she felt his warm mouth sucking her rosy nipples. His fingers probed her deeper and worked expertly as she grew wetter still and opened up even more. Her breath grew ragged as he rubbed her clit and sucked some more, she was ready for him.

“Oh god Hunter, do me now, I want it.” He himself couldn’t take it anymore. He had one hand on his pants and was undoing them as he kissed her again. He dropped his pants and boxers and wasn’t surprised to see himself standing upright and ready to burst. She moaned under his hands again as he slid her slowly off the counter and her feet touched the floor. He kissed her hard and cupped her ass with both hands as his member pressed into her front. She moaned again as he turned her around and began to kiss her shoulders, while his one hand was up her skirt rubbing her from behind. He bent her over the counter and with a great restrain thrust in. She saw stars as he began pumping away slowly at first, but then his self control slowly broke. She braced her hands on the counter as he fucked her from behind, thrusting into her.

He wrapped his arms around her and fondled her breasts. She was ready to burst and just as the heaviness in her core grew to alarming heights he moved his lean hands down her body and rubbed her clit, pushing her over the edge, she collapsed forwards onto the counter. Seconds later he finished behind her, pressing his weight onto hers, and then rolling with her so he was beneath her with his arms around her, warming her. Their breathing was ragged and harsh just as they heard the oven ding with their finished meal.

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