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A Glass ActEach week I take part in a meme called Wicked Wednesdays. I do this for two reasons, it’s great writing practice and it’s fun…  This meme is not restricted to writing but writing is what I love to do so…

There was a definite chill in the air that night. You know, the night that you christened your new lover. He had no idea what he was getting himself into when you invited him to spend the night, but I had seen this so many times before. Like a fly caught in a spiders web, I was trapped there unable to move, forced to watch, as you worked your magic.

As I recall this lover was a particularly fine specimen of manhood, well chiseled, and very well dressed. Not you normal choice but I admit I could see the attraction. You positioned yourselves so my view would not be obscured, and for that I was strangely grateful. As you settled onto the couch, I’d catch a glimpse between your legs, flashes of your favorite red panties. The sight had caused me to perspire, just a little, but then I’d known the best was yet to come.

You’d allowed him to hold you in his arms, so strong looking before you lips had met and you’d kissed him deeply. I’d found myself wondering if the taste of me still lingered on those lips, from our earlier encounter. You had moved on from that moment though, and were now busy teasing your new victim. I’d observed as you’d begun to unbutton the shirt that held that firm body beneath it, the fire of desire clearly burning in your eyes. You tongue began to dance across his now bare skin, tracing patterns down the length of his body as he in turn had played with your hair.

Gently you’d slipped to the floor, knelt before him and begun to wrestle with his belt. He’d eagerly helped you, his breathing becoming heavy, as you freed his manhood that had immediately sprung to life. Now I knew the show was about to begin in earnest.


I’d watched as your tongue swirled around his bulbous head, before you’d all but devoured him, as you took him inside your sweet month. How I’d longed to be in his position, to feel the warmth of your breath against me, to have your tongue swirling around my rim. I knew I had no choice but to sit back and watch from my vantage point as you took him to the edge of orgasm again and again. Teasing is what you loved to do after all.


When you’d deemed him ready, you’d simply stood up and with one fluid movement had removed your red panties, before mounting him. Your short skirt had ridden up around your thighs and given me the perfect vantage point to watch as you had slowly and quite deliberately lowered yourself onto his upright and very large prick. I’d heard the guttural sounds that escaped both your mouths as you’d begun to fuck. You fucked him like the stallion he was, riding him, taming him. He rose to meet each stroke as you’d eagerly taken him inside you. Both of you driven by lust and the growing need for release.

One last downward stroke from you and he’d released himself into your willing vessel, causing you in turn to experience your own release. The sounds that rang out from you both reverberating around the room, bouncing off all the surfaces. As your climaxes had subsided you’d slumped forward, onto his chest and he in return had held you tenderly within those strong arms.

After what had seemed like an eternity, you’d climbed off your lover’s lap, rearranged your skirt, as he had buttoned his shirt and returned his boxers and pants to their rightful place. Now it had been you’re turn to surprise me as you’d reached forward, lifted me from the edge of the table and raised me to your lips in celebration of a job well done…

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This weeks Meme was accompanied by the prompt: Write from the perspective of a glass on the edge of a table.  If you enjoyed my attempt then please be sure to check out the other amazing pieces by clicking the banner!

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  1. Reply Marie Rebelle Apr 2,2014 1:46 pm

    That glass was very privileged to watch something so sexy 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. Reply Serafina Apr 2,2014 2:52 pm

    I wonder what else that glass has seen!

  3. Reply John Apr 3,2014 5:19 pm

    A job well done indeed 😉

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