Erotic Romance Author: Bailey Bradford

Bailey Bradford New Book SpotlessThis weeks erotic romance author is none other that Bailey Bradford! For those of you that aren’t familiar with her or her work, let me fill you in a little.

Bailey Bradford is a native Texan, who spends her days spinning stories around in her head, which has contributed to more than one incident of tripping over her own feet. Evenings are reserved for pounding away at the keyboard, as are early morning hours. Sleep? Doesn’t happen much. Writing is too much fun, and there are too many characters bouncing about, tapping on Bailey’s brain demanding to be let out.

Caffeine and chocolate are permanent fixtures in Bailey’s office and are never far from hand at any given time. Removing either of those necessities from Bailey’s presence can result in what is known as A Very, Very Scary Bailey and is not advised under any circumstances.

Bailey graciously took some time out of her busy writing schedule and agreed to answer a few questions for us.

1: What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Well, I write a lot. Besides at least one book a month, I also run a free story on my blog with thrice-weekly installments. It’s all fun to me. But, I like to try new recipes, and I take frequent road trips. I’ve never been good at staying in one place for long, so it’s not uncommon for me to pack a bag and hit the road. I also love to hike, which I do as often as possible. Some day I’ll get to hike the Appalachian Trail. It is going to happen.

2: What does your writing process look like?
It looks like panic. I am a pantser for the most part. There are story lines that have to be continued from one book to another in series, but outlining and such never works for me. I sit down and write, and usually it’s close to the deadline for the book’s submission day when I do so. I’ve always worked better under pressure, it’s just the way I am. That doesn’t mean I’m not sweating and fretting and cursing. Once the flow hits, it’s all good and I can write for hours without having to take a break.

3: If you had a super power, what would it be?
Invisibility. I’m scared of heights, so that one is out. I don’t like being hot, so no fire, and I was caught in a riptide and almost died, so no water powers, either. Reading people’s minds would likely cause a spike in blood pressure at times that I just don’t need. I don’t like having long fingernails so we can rule out Wolvie’s claws. Yep, we’ll go with invisibility if for no other reason than it’d be the best for jumping out and shouting BOO!

4: Is this your first book? How many books have you written prior?
No, it isn’t. I’ve written over fifty-three books. I lose count. Writing has been a way to escape grief, to release anger, and to hide away from the world, among other things. I don’t see myself slowing down any time soon.

5: Do you ever experience writer’s block? How do you get past it?
Yes, I do, though it tends to happen when I’m not writing a story the way it should go. Sometimes I’m stubborn and keep pressing, then have to dump thousands of words. Other times, I just can’t concentrate on that particular story. I find writing the blog stories help, probably because there’s no due date for them and I can just write as little or as much as I want. Also, reader feedback on the blog? That is invaluable. Blog commenters have helped so much, and I love them madly. I will also take a day off completely if that’s what’s needed. Go hike, shop, or play with the grandkids. Something to take me away from being frustrated. It might make for longer writing sessions the next day, but that works for me.

6: If you only had one word to describe yourself, what would it be and why?
This is actually a pretty tough question. I am more than one thing; I’m many parts that make up a whole. There’s my deep thought for the day. Now, having to choose just one word, I’d go with one mentioned already—Many. I am many—many moods, many thoughts, many feelings, many loves, hopes, dreams, wants, fears, anger, laughs, etc. Is that a weird answer? I don’t know, but it fits.

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us Bailey and in case you need more reasons to read the spotless series, here’s an excerpt from the book for your enjoyment!

Excerpt from Spotless Three: Home
Copyright © Bailey Bradford 2014. All Rights Reserved, Total-E-Ntwined Limited, T/A Totally Bound Publishing.

Azil didn’t know what had come over him. It was all too much, everything. He couldn’t think about it, was incapable of figuring out what was happening. He just…needed. Solomon’s hand on him, the scent and sound of him, the amazing white eyes, the intensity of Solomon’s gaze—it all overpowered Azil’s inhibitions, his fears. He surged forward, his own throbbing hand forgotten as need took over.

Solomon grunted and caught him up in an embrace that felt perfect. Strong, sure, Solomon pulled him closer.

Their chests bumped as Azil went up on his toes. He was very aware of his own erection, as well as the hot, hard length of Solomon’s cock pressed alongside his. Solomon was naked, gloriously nude, firm and sweaty in a way that wasn’t gross. Azil liked the smell of him, strong and tangy, musky. He clung as best he could with one hand injured.

Solomon wasted no time in slanting his mouth over Azil’s. At first Azil didn’t know what to do. He pushed his mouth against Solomon’s and fairly vibrated with need. Then he felt it—the slick glide of Solomon’s tongue. Azil moaned as he opened up, allowing Solomon to lick into him. It was so good, being held. Azil couldn’t remember anyone hugging him before. Solomon did it so well, and he caressed Azil’s back and shoulders while sliding that agile tongue into his mouth, flicking it over Azil’s. Azil was so turned on he could hardly bear it. He dared to wrap one leg around Solomon’s hip, and the pleasure that brought was incredible.

Azil wasn’t the only one who whimpered, either. Solomon reached down and grabbed a handful of Azil’s butt. He pulled on it. Azil got the hint and thrust. He’d have sworn sparks shot out from his groin. “Oh gods,” he wailed, jerking his head aside. His lips ached, felt hot and swollen. His entire body was one live wire, ready to light up everything.

“Yes,” Solomon hissed. He nipped at Azil’s neck. Azil couldn’t help it. He came apart like a glass dropped on a concrete floor. One minute he was whole, the next he shattered. His body was taken over by a climax so powerful it blinded him as he came. Solomon bit him harder.

Azil felt teeth sink into his shoulder. The pain was fleeting, quickly changing to ecstasy that sent more cum spurting from his dick. At the same time, Solomon ground against him, pulling Azil in even closer. It should have been uncomfortable, too much, but it wasn’t.

Solomon stiffened, then cried out as he came. Azil whimpered as Solomon’s spunk soaked through his pants.

“I suppose you are truly mates,” Leeloo said. “That was interesting, and I don’t care for males, so that’s saying something.”

Solomon pressed his head to Azil’s neck. “I forgot she was even here.”

Azil wasn’t embarrassed, exactly. The women took the men in public, or anywhere they wanted to, in the clan. He had seen sex, many times. He’d just never been a part of it.
“I am glad to learn that mates truly do exist still,” Leeloo was saying. “I had thought the world, our world, had become so warped, the gods and goddesses had taken that from us. Perhaps it is only the Vento clan that is incapable of having mates.”

Solomon groaned. He pressed a soft kiss to the bite he’d made on Azil’s shoulder.

“Leeloo, please. If anyone is chatty after sex, it should be the people involved in the sex.”
“I was involved. I watched.” Leeloo chortled at that.

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