Erotic Book Review: Wrapped Around Your Finger, Written By Alison Tyler 19

What doWrapped Around Your Finger author Alison Tyler and Dr Who have in common?

They are both time bandits!

That’s no joke, and the complete truth. I can’t watch just one episode of a Dr Who series I have to watch the entire series, and I can’t just read one or two pages of an Alison Tyler novel. I always end up not being able to put the book down until I’ve finished. Both also allow me to escape into a world that is completely different to the one I actually live in.

So when I learned the latest installment in Ms Tyler’s submission trilogy was available, I literally begged her for a copy. Normally I’m not the kind of girl that will beg for anything, but I made an exception in this case.

Wrapped Around Your Finger is a continuation of a story of submission that began two books ago. The first book was entitled: Dark Secret Love, the second, My Delicious Torment and now the third, Wrapped Around Your Finger. (You can find my reviews of the other two books by clicking on the links above. )

Over the past two books I’ve come to love the three main characters in this series, which details the life of submissive, Samantha and the two main men she finds in her life, Jack her Dom and boyfriend, and Alex who is Jack’s personal assistant and fulfills many duties in both their lives.

So I settled down one evening last week and began to read, and I read, and I read and I read… I’m sure many readers have repeated these words in their heads, ‘Just one more chapter, just one more, then I sleep.’ I should’ve been angry with Ms Tyler at this point because she stole an entire 24 hours from my life, but I’m not.

You could say that Ms Tyler had me firmly wrapped around her finger, as Sam began once more to detail her encounters with the two main men in her life. I love that this entire story is told from the first person point of view of Sam, and it brings the scenes to life for me. I can feel what Sam is feeling thanks to the amazing writing style of Ms Tyler and I always find myself completely engrossed in each scene and chapter as it unfolds.

The pictures that were painted in my head are like mini master pieces and I was soon invested in Sam’s world, which was as alien to me personally, as the Daleks world was to the good Doctor the first time he encountered it. I’ve toyed with the occasional pair of nipple clamps, and been tied up a time or to, but I’m in no way an expert on the world of BDSM and yet Sam’s story and descriptions always bring the scenes that unfold in my brain to life. She asks the questions, that I know I would if I was in her particular situation, you can feel her vulnerability, and yet her strength at the same time. In other words Sam is completely believable character. Just as on some level I know the Daleks are nothing more than tins cans, with a sink plunger and a whisk for weapons, I believe that they are capable of world domination, I find myself believing that Sam can conquer all the scenes, situations, and complications that having two men in her life at once can present.

In case you haven’t already figured this out, I am a huge fan of Ms Tyler’s writing. It’s rare that a story will grab me from the very first word and make me beg for the next installment but this is exactly what happened with the Submission story. Just be warned, that you are likely to get caught up in the tangled world that Ms Tyler weaves to the point where she might just steal your time as well!

You can purchase your very own copy of Wrapped Around Your Finger simply by clicking HERE!