Erotic Book Review: Coming Together Among The Stars.

Coming Together Among The Stars Book: A ReviewComing Together Among The Stars
Reviewed By Jenne

So I’ll freely admit to being a Darlek loving, time traveler, as well as a huge Star Wars and Trekkie fan, but strangely enough, I’d never ventured into the alien world of tentacled and alien erotica before I read this book. Why? You may well ask, and I would have to tell you I have no idea, but I’m glad I accepted the call to read, Coming Together Among The Stars.

The book is as the name suggests a voyage into the world beyond our own. The kind of world that conquers up images of aliens, spaceships and strange planets that are limited only to the imagination of the writer. So one snowy afternoon I settled down with my Kindle and allowed myself to be transported to far off worlds.
There are twenty stories in this book, and they are as diverse in subject as their writing is brilliant. As with all anthologies there were several stories that stayed with me long after I had finished reading the book in it’s entirety.

The first of those stories was entitled, ‘ Longing.’ and was penned by Elizabeth Black. This is a story that keeps it’s feet firmly planted on earth, but as the reader I found myself asking myself some important questions. Can Artificial Intelligence ever really be a replacement for real people? This was the main theme of the story, which is beautifully told. Rachel’s husband, Eric suffers from dementia and is unable to remember her except on the odd occasion when she is able to bring herself to visit him at the hospital he now calls home. Her sadness is somewhat dulled by the fact that they had cloned their shared memories as soon as the diagnosis was made. She is now able to recreate those memories by melding with his mind, and they become one collective memory, which is as real as the day it was created. While this offers her some solace it also makes her sad. She is aware that the experiences they now share are not real, created as part of an artificial intelligence, but she needs them. This is a beautifully written piece of erotica that for me was a standout piece in the book.

I also enjoyed the story, The Joyride very much. The premise for the story is a simple one. Humans can experience the thrill of sex while in space as well as with an alien.Making this the ultimate joyride. All they have to do is press the right button when they are on vacation. When an unsuspecting human couple press the bell, all kinds of amazing things are apt to happen, and do in this story. For a while I forgot that I was still on earth and was transported to the stars with the couple.

Birth of a Monster Whisper may seem like a strange title for an erotic piece but it makes total sense once you read the story. If you took out the alien and added a man in it’s place this might constitute a tale of rape, but it’s so much more than. If someone had told me that a tentacled alien known as a Chocondris could turn me, on a few weeks ago, I might well of looked at that funnily but that’s exactly what the author, Noblis Reed did within this story. I swear this piece is so well written, I could feel that Chocondris’s tendrils as it went about it’s business. Dale, is an expert when it comes to these creatures, but she has no idea what to expect when she finds herself captive inside an enclosure. The creature impregnates itself into her, in such a beautiful way that after her escape, she decides to keep the baby or rather tentacled monster that is born from the union. I love the last line in this story, All she needed now, was a copy of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Tentacled Monster.”

The truth is I found a new genre of erotica that I enjoyed both as a reader and as a writer. This is a genre that I found myself wondering why I had never explored before. I have to point out though you do NOT need to be a sci-fi fan to get into this anthology, which offers something for everyone. The other great things about this book is that each and every sale is donate to the International Still’s Disease Foundation.

You can find our own copy of Coming Together Amongst the Stars, by clicking on the link and I strongly recommend that you do!

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