Dark Secret Love is Book Of the Month And You Get A Free Gift!

Review-dark-secret-love-alison-tylerIf you’ve been following Clitical over the years, you will be well aware of my love of erotica, both to write and read. Once in a blue moon, a book will land on my doorstep and simply blow me away.

This year, that book was Dark Secret Love, which was written by the amazing Ms Alison Tyler. I reviewed the book and you can read that review HERE.

This is a beautifully written piece of erotica that takes you to the darker side of erotic but with a huge dose of love. I’ll be honest I’ve read this book twice now and each time within 48 hours of turning the first page. It’s almost impossible for me to put it down, once I begin and I rarely read books that way anymore. Part of that is because I like to savor the words, the scenes, and the feelings involved with a good piece of erotica. The other reason is if I’ve reading a book to review, it’s always fun to write notes in the book, just pieces that make me laugh, smile or simply turn me on.

So if you’ve gotten this far with reading this, you are likely interested in reading Ms Tyler’s new novel as well.  If that’s the case I have some good news for you!  Dark Secret Love is now the book of the month over at Lovehoney.Com and if you order Dark Secret Love this month, you will receive not only the book but also a pair of silk restraints, which will allow you to practice some dark, and secret love of your own as you read through the words that will likely turn you on as much as they did me. All you have to do to order the book and receive your free restraints is click on the banner below:  I know you won’t be disappointed when you do!!!

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