Cover Him With Darkness Written By: Janine Ashbless

Cover Him With Darkness: A ReviewIt seemed appropriate to start this review with a confession. As a general rule, I’m not someone that reads erotic romance, but when the good people over at Cleis asked me I decided to take the plunge. I have to say that I am so glad I did take that plunge and here endeth my confession.

So the next few days I spent delving into the wicked and often dark, yet beautiful world that author Janine Ashbless has created via her new work, ‘Cover Him With Darkness.’ The story starts with a secret, as many a good story does, but this one also features a fallen Angel, a Priest, and a young girl. The Priest is charged with keeping the Fallen Angel bound and tied way below the church that he oversees in a tiny village in Yugoslavia, but he is the last man in his line.

So his daughter Milja, is the only person he can trust to keep the secret. She is charged as a small child, to keep the secret of the man who was bound, and to take care of him.

Of course, the kicker is that the Fallen Angel, Azazel, is a beautiful creation, the finest specimen of manhood that little Milja is ever likely to encounter in the village on the mountainside and probably anywhere else. As she matures into her teenage years, her sexual curiosity begins to grow, and is focused on the Prisoner that resides beneath her feet. Eventually the curiosity becomes to much, and the events that ensue next lead her to be sent away, far away.

Milja finds herself in Boston, living what to all intensive purposes is the American dream. That is until she is called back to the village one day. That day everything changes, as she frees the angel that she has so long harbored sinful thoughts for. Those sinful thoughts are brought to life via the delicious and carefully chosen words that Ms Ashbless puts on the page, but this is just the beginning of Milja’s journey.

Once the secret is out, Milja’s world begins to crumble around her. The reader is thrust into a world, that reminded me in some way of Dan Brown’s, The Da Vinci Code, only much better written and with much more sexiness involved. The plot gets thicker over time, but as one would expect once a fallen Angel is free, the church is involved, and we get to see the choices Milja’s makes.

Much of the story is told in the form of dreams and I loved this aspect of the book. This is a roller coaster of a story, and one that will have you routing for the very different and strong characters that choose to fight either good or evil, and there are times when it’s hard to tell whose side anyone is on. Is the Fallen Angel really a demon? Is he a threat to mankind as the church would have everyone believe?
The story is also a visual treat thanks to Ms Ashbless’s carefully constructed words. At times the reader will find themselves in rural Yugoslavia, at others Boston, and there is even a visit to The Burning Man. I’ve always wanted to visit the Burning Man and thanks to this story I feel like I almost have. The imagery was so clear in my head as I read, and this was true for all of the scenes in the book.

If you enjoy a story that is well written, has enough sex appeal to make it erotic but not graphic, and that will transport you to a dark world of intrigue then this story is well worth your time reading. To end this review I would like to state for the record I see myself reading much more erotic romance in my future and I hope that they are all as good as this one!

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