Female Masturbation Gallery: Viladia 1

Female Masturbation Gallery: Viladia
Viladia Shows Us How To Relax And Enjoy The Masturbation Moment… To see more images of sexy females masturbating click on the banner above! All images copyright(c) IFeelMyself.Com, all rights reserved. Unauthorized use is prohibited. [starthumbsblock tpl=25]

Masturbation Month: Just Breathe!

Masturbation Month: Just Breathe!
Written By: Jenne When it comes to sex whether it be solo or with a partner you’d be amazed what difference breathing techniques can make to your orgasm. If you think of sex as a workout to some extent it’s easier to realize why. Many of you have probably heard that athletes are taught breathing ...

Masturbation Month: Yoni Massage 2

Masturbation Month: Yoni Massage
Written by: Whitelotus.com Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina that is loosely translated as “sacred space” or “Sacred Temple.” In Tantra, the Yoni is seen from a perspective of love and respect. This is particularly important for men to learn. Before beginning the Yoni Massage it is important to create a space for ...

Masturbation Month: Masturbation Virtues 1

Masturbation Month: Masturbation Virtues
Written By: Debra Hyde (Or Sister’s Hoods) When my sister and I dine out, restaurant servers invariably learn to make eye contact as they approach, giving us a good fifteen feet worth of time to moderate ourselves. That because us girls are usually yapping away about sex. Last time out, we really outdid ourselves. At ...

Masturbation Month: 3 Differences Between Masturbation and Self-Pleasure.

 Masturbation Month: 3 Differences Between Masturbation and Self-Pleasure.
Written By: Devi Ward I read an article recently by a woman, describing the differences between how men fantasize about us masturbating, and how most of us women actually do masturbate, which she described as a somewhat half-hazard, fast and furtive process. Her description of female masturbation seemed very similar to the way a 14 ...