Book Review: The Ulitmate Guide To Prostate Pleasure 2

ultimate-guide-to-prostrate-pleasureWritten by: Charlie Glickman Phd and Aislinn Emirzia
Reviewed By: Jenne

Why does the prostate get such a bum wrap?

Like many men my Hubby hears the words prostate and play and his bum cheeks immediately clench together firmly. ‘It’s my bum and you ain’t playing  with it’, is the general mantra that goes along with the clenching of the cheeks.

Like many women who have long since found their own g-spot, and the pleasure that can bring, I could with some thought and knowledge help Hubby learn to appreciate his p-spot. So like any good explorer I decided to go and search out the tools, knowledge and anything else I might need for this pleasure quest.

As luck would have it I was contacted by Clies Press and asked if I would like to review a new book on the market, that dealt with the very subject that I had just committed to learning more about. The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Play, seemed like a gift from the heavens for this self confessed sex nerd and intrepid Husband explorer.

So I settled down and began to read, and I read and read and before I knew it I felt I had more knowledge than any woman had ever known about that elusive p-spot and I knew that I was going to put that knowledge to good use over the next couple of weeks.

Let me explain a little more about the book before we get to that part though:

Authors Charlie Glickman and Aislinn Emirzian, take you through the whole gambit of prostate play from the very basics to more advanced techniques. Like many I had questions and I knew I  would have to overcome many of Hubby’s in order to get him to even entertain the idea of unclenching his bum cheeks. I swear there is something for everyone in this book, whether you are a prostate aficionado or simply a beginning explorer like myself.

When this book says ultimate guide it means ultimate. I swear they cover every question that has ever been asked, or possibly will be asked about prostate play! Even silly questions like the one that arouse with Hubby when I decided to brooch the subject again, one day last week.  The conversation went something like this:

“But honey, you have you know, nails. So if you well you know, that’s gonna hurt isn’t it?”

“That’s what they invented gloves and cotton balls for apparently.” I informed him.

I then introduced him to the Ultimate Guide To Prostate Pleasure and while he’s not the biggest reader in the world he agreed to  take a look with me.

He was as impressed as I was with the information, and the fact that while only males possess a prostate, this book was written with their partners in mind. He admitted that he had heard of the concept of prostate play,  but until we explored the book together he had , had little to no desire to explore the area himself, and he still didn’t at least by himself. He like many thought it would would be an awkward spot to reach on his own, and like many men, he was happy with the result he was getting playing well with just the ‘outie’ bits as he put it. I directed my Hubby to Chapter 13 which is entitled, ‘Real Men Don’t” a chapter of the book devoted to that often over looked part of the masculine psyche that stats that only gay men enjoy anal play.  After he read that chapter he seemed to be more at ease with the idea of exploring this area of his body.

There were chapters that at the time of writing this review, felt a little to advanced for Hubby and I to try, but they can be saved for a later date. Since then, I have invested in an EuphoSyn by Arenos, a company that the authors tell me, will bring my a smile to my Hubby’s face.

In Conclusion:
If like Hubby and myself, you are unsure of the how, when, where and why’s of prostate play, this book is a MUST read. Not only is this written in an easy to read format, the information is invaluable, and could save you not only time but from personal injury, whether that be mental or physical. Even if you are a prostate lover and are familiar with the entire concept and safety aspects with this kind of play, you will likely find some helpful tips, along the read.

Hubby and I have been exploring since that conversation, and with the help of the excellent writing and guidance of Charlie Glickman and  Aislinn Emirzia, though we are not experts yet, but we are enjoying the journey, and when it comes to sex, either partnered or solo, that’s all that really can ask for.

You can buy your own copy of The Ultimate Guide To Prostate Pleasure HERE

I was lucky enough to get to interview the author of  ‘The Ultimate Guide To Prostate Pleasure’ himself, Charlie Glickman Phd, and you can read that interview HERE.

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