Book Review: Flying High:Sexy Stories From The Mile High Club 15

An Erotic Book ReviewMy name is Jenne and I came here today to tell you that I am a fully paid up member of the mile high club, and enjoyed every last moment of my trysts that took place in a not so hygienic aeroplane toilet more than a few years ago.

So when I came across Rachel Kramer Bussel’s latest anthology, devoted to the mile high club and all the fun that can entail, I was flying high on memories as I settled down to begin my exploration of sex 30,0000 feet in the air.

As I mentioned before the entire book and all nineteen short stories it contains are devoted to what I can tell you from experience is an art form: sex at 30,000 feet. Small spaces, packed planes, and even smaller toilets can make for an interesting experience as was proved within the 180 pages of this book.

Of all the stories the one that grabbed me personally was entitled: ‘Get on, Get off;’ written by Jeremy Edwards. I’ll admit this opening line pulled me in from the get go:

‘Get on, get off when you fly in masturbation class! Only from Zirbin Airlines.’ For me this was one compelling opening line and I simply wanted to read more of the story and boy am I glad I did. I’m not going to give away the story plot, but let’s just say that if Jet Blue adopted some of Zirbin Airlines policies they would likely have packed planes and lots of clean ups in the aisles…

Another of my personal favorites was Top Banana written by Craig J. Sorensen. This proved to an erotic story with a very unusual twist that I sure didn’t see coming… Not only is this story sexy as hell, it has a good dose of irony that for me made it such an entertaining read.

Game In The Sky by Elizabeth Coldwell was what I would describe as a short but very sweet erotic story. As I pondered the main character found herself handcuffed to her chair wondering just what would happen next as the plane took off. What happens next is as erotic as it is entertaining.

Many of the stories in Flying High, are not only erotic but very entertaining, and contain a whole host of twists and turns as you meander down the aisles of a 747 or fly off on your very own private jet.

This book should probably come with a warning: Do not read near the internet as a couple of stories in, there is a high probability that you will be reaching for the nearest travel website and booking your next flight…

If a trip is not in your near future what you will find in these pages plenty of new ways to titillate your imagination and fuel your fantasies. After all it’s not about the destination but the journey…

You can purchase your own copy of Flying High by clicking HERE
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