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Book review: Better sex In No Time: An illustrated Guide For Busy CouplesThis book promises to give busy couples better sex in no time, as one part of those busy couple I was intrigued to discover if there were any shortcuts in the book that might help. This book is illustrated and I want to say right up front it is designed for heterosexual couples. All the images are heterosexual and the entire book is focused on a heterosexual relationship.

My favorite part of this entire book is the very first chapter oddly enough. This chapter/introduction begins with the phrase, “It’s about time.” Followed by these words, ” You don’t have enough time for sex. I get it. After a busy, stressful day of work, kids, meals, soccer practice, homework and identifying the source of the weird smell coming out of the fridge, it’s unrealistic to think you’re going to fall into bed and suddenly want to make mad, passionate love. After all, you know you have to be up in a few hours and do it all over again.”

As a female who has two kids, been married for over a quarter of a century, these words resonated with me from the get go. What intrigued me was the way in which the Author, Josey Vogels tackles the possible answer to this quandary that may of us face on a daily basis, there is just not enough hours in the day to fit sex in there as well. It’s not so much the advice but the way that’s written that made me fall in love with this chapter and the book as a whole. As Jose points out many of us take the time to schedule an appointment for  pedicure, or a game of squash because they make us feel good, pampered or both. Yet, we rarely set aside that same time for sex, which is one of the most intimate, relaxing and pleasurable things a couple can do with and for each other. She then goes onto detail ways to set the goal of having more time for more sex, by breaking down into smaller, more manageable goals as opposed to the we should have sex more often goal, which I can tell you from experience is often to large a goal and one that you might not obtain because of that.

The book is designed to offer the busy couple an illustrated guide to finding more pleasure within their sex life’s as well as finding more time to actually having sex. The illustrations are scattered throughout the book and take the form of photographs which are erotic as opposed to pornographic. They all very tastefully illustrate the chapters that they are contained in the only thing I would have loved to have seen is a larger female or two on the pages. The female in this is lovely, but she’s blonde conforms to the sexual idea of ‘normal’ and many women who have had to kids, do not look like her, or her partner for that matter. I also found it strange that the couple on the front cover are not the same couple that show up in all the illustrations, but this could just be my observation.

The 264 glossy pages of this book will take you through the four stages of arousal: Seduction, Foreplay, Union and Spice and all four of these are separated into smaller chunks. Seduction for example features, romance, flirt, date, kiss and get naked chapters and all are well written and presented by the author. There are lots of tips and tricks for getting both yourself and your partner in the mood and all the chapters are written in a light hearted manner which made them easy to read.

Over all I enjoyed this book. I did love the opening chapter and found some of the tips and suggestions made me think, just a little harder about why I fund myself so often hearing the words, “I don’t have time for sex.”  It made me realize that it’s not about not having time for sex, as much as it is about making time for sex and I would like to thank the author for bringing that back into focus for me. If you are a busy hetro couple, this book is well worth the read and delivers what it promises on the cover, even if the couple is not the same -))

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