Bloggers Spotlight: KinkEtc.Com

KinkEtc.ComOne of the perks of my job is I get to travel around the web, and on those journey’s I’m often lucky enough to meet interesting people. One of those interesting people would be Lorri, who runs her blog KinkEtc.Com along with her Hubby.  I was so glad when Lorri agreed to answer some questions for this Blogger Spotlight, as KinkEtc is one blog that deserves some spotlight!

Q: What was the original inspiration behind

Kink, ect… started as a way to share and reach out to others through sex toy reviews. We wanted to be able to share our experiences with sex toys and educate others. Hopping to reach out and connect with other middle aged couples who were just beginning their journey into kink, we also wanted to share a few personal stories and photographs too. It’s grown by leaps and bounds from those first days.

Q: If you had to pick one toy you have tested in 2013 which one would it be and why?

Pin pointing one is super hard there are many that stay in the top of our toy box. However the one that gets used the most when we play is Jopen’s Vr-17. It has truly changed my mind about rabbit vibes. Before, I thought they were awkward, bulky, loud and not effective at all. Oh goodness how I was wrong. The way this rabbit makes me feel is amazing and gives me an orgasm unlike anything else we’ve played with.

Q: You have an extensive and growing collection of rope bondage tutorials on Kinketc.Com. If there were words of advice you could offer to a novice what would they be?

Don’t let it all over whelm you and it’s not as hard as you think. I know it seems like a lot; one proper tie after another, tons and tons of links. Rope bondage really does seem like a lot of work when you first look at it. But honestly, it’s not. There are 3 to 5 basic knots that are simple, which everything builds off of. After learning them, you can do just about anything. Also, there’s no etched in stone way to wrap the body, only a few safety issues to consider. You don’t have to do it exactly like the official Shibari style; you really don’t. Rope bondage is versatile; you can do what’s comfortable and it can work with little effort or time.

Q: Describe in one word and please explain why that word?

The first word that comes to mind is Evolving. Those who have been following my blog have seen the design changes of Kink, etc… over the past year and a half. The content found on the site has evolved from simple reviews and Memes photos to guides and advice, personal stories of our kinky fun and about my life as a stripper/prostitute. But more than just stories, a lot of what I share is my journey to regarding sex in a healthy and positive way.

As my blog evolves, I have a deep desire to reach out more and helping others along their journey. I try hard to share a wide array of quality help. Not just fluff or brief thoughts, I want Kink, ect… to be where others can learn. One day, I think it would be great if the site was an interactive place where couples connect with each other and share their experiences too. Until then, I encourage people to share through comments their thoughts or what works for them. I think the more we talk and share the more we learn ourselves and grow sexually.

Q: What do enjoy most about blogging?

Of course I enjoy sharing and educating others. But what I enjoy most of all about blogging is community. Through blogging I’ve made wonderful friends, many of whom have opened my mind up to new things. The community encourages me and pushes me to step out of my comfort zone with my photography, helping me to grow as an artist and a person. I adore the blogging community, more than casual friends; the community is like a family. They are what I love the most about blogging.

Q: Do you prefer vanilla or chocolate ice cream?
I love chocolate ice cream, rich, thick, and full of flavor.

A special thanks to Lorri for taking the time out of her busy life to answer these questions, and now you know a little more about Lorri why not take a look over her work at KinkEtc.Com?

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