Bloggers Spotlight: BeckandHerKinks.Com

beckandherkinks.comEvery two weeks we are spotlighting a different blogger from around the web. This time we asked Becky from BeckAndHerKinks.Com to take a few moments out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions about her blog.

Q:What was the inspiration for your blog
Becky: The inspiration for my blog came from Reviewing on EdenFantasys. After reviewing for over a year, I wanted to move on in the reviewing world.

Q: With the recently interest in BDSM thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey ( please don’t shoot me for invoking the name -)) ) If there was one word of advice that you could give a newbie to the world of kink what would it be and why?

Becky: Well, a newbie to BDSM needs to put down the book 50 shades of grey. I don’t care how much anyone likes it, it’s not a healthy BDSM relationship. Burn the ideas out of your head and move on.

Open communication with your partner is where your BDSM relationship should be from the start. If you don’t have open communication, your relationship isn’t ready for the BDSM level.

Find support groups to have open and positive conversations to help evolve your relationship. Ignore people who aren’t open to newbies and who say things like”Well that isn’t a true…” Kink is subjective to the individuals involved. Others opinions about your kink or relationship are not relevant. When you are involved in these conversations they are purely for you to see there are some like-minded people out there in the world and to help you develop your own D/s relationship.

Q: If a friend came to you and tod you she was thinking about setting up a sex blog what would be the one word of advice you would give her based on your own experiences?

Becky: My first recommendation for someone who is looking to start a sex blog would be to self-host. No excuses – just do it. You want your content protected and you want to be in control of it, right? The only answer is to self-host. I would highly recommend Host Gator.

After that I would recommend signing up for twitter. Twitter drives in more than half of my sites traffic. Join it. Use it. Learn to love it!

Then, I’d recommend joining in blogger memes to help meet some of the other sex bloggers.

Q: Running and operating a sex blog is for many a full time job. What is it you love about your job, and what if anything do you hate?

Becky: I love running my own blog. I take pride in my work. Mostly, I love taking pictures and sharing them with you. Before blogging, I never shared myself with others in this way. I started very modest and was extremely nervous about submitting my first Sinful Sunday. However, the comments and all the love have shown me that there was nothing to be nervous about.

Humm….if I dislike anything, it’s running giveaways and having to go through the entries and remove the spam. I hate spam.

Q: If you could have sex with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Becky: Anyone in the world? I think I would have to go with Angelina Jolie. I know, how predictable. I just love her. She’s gorgeous and I know I’d have a great time.

A special thanks to Becky for taking time to answer out questions.
You can find Becky on her blog: BeckandHerKinks.Com 
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